name; Zara 
age; 27
occupation; Doctor
hometown; new york
tribe; jalapao
short bio; Zara is a perfectionist. Everything needs to be perfect. That's something that makes her a great doctor. A great survivor contestant? questionable. Zara is independent, focused and incredibly driven. Even with obstacles in her life she pushes through them. Zara was convinced to apply to the show because her friends want her to loosen up. To stop being so focused and dependent on her career. Zara decided to roll with it, especially if it meant her friends would stop making fun of her necrotic and slightly stuck up ways. She can be very hard to get to know. Zara lives her life in a routine and she decided it be time to break it. Can this city girl handle the pressures of the island though?
model; Rachel Bilson
taken by; @larissa-xo

>what are some of your strengths? your weaknesses? I'm a doctor so if anybody gets sick I should be good for that. I'm also very meticulous and good at solving problems and problem solving. I'm also not that bad at sports. I'm not the best at like the social part of the game. I'm more independent.

>how do you think your tribe-mates will perceive you? Not a huge threat but helpful around camp and not a total annoying person. Basically. They might find me a bit ditzy and not so smart. That'd usually annoy me but I think it'd help in this case

>how would you like them to perceive you? I'd like for them to see me as nice person who's helpful at game and good at challenges. Those people go further then the ones who are all gameplay off the bat. I can be a bit socially awkward or ditzy at times so I'll play that to my advantage. It'll make me seem like less of a threat. She's also doing this for her father, the ultimate outdoor adventurer. 

>what's your main strategy? Fly under the radar. Win as many challenges as possible.

>what would you do with the million dollars? Give some to a bunch of different medicinal charities. Buy some new medical equipment for the hospital. Give some money to my mom.
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