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to excited. 

in celebration of the beginning of the party season, jay gatsby his hosting his first major event of the year at his luxurious mansion. make sure to be seen here, because this can make or break your popularity in the hamptons. dress to impress, enjoy lobster and champagne, and party hard into the early morning hours.

I was so excited!

Tonight was my first night going out to one of the infamous parties, thrown by Jay Gatsby himself. 

I've been living in the Hamptons for close to a month and yet hadn't experienced any parties. 

According to Zara, one of my new friends, it would make or break myself in the Hamptons.

Apparently first impressions are everything here. Now that was something familiar to me. Growing up in the small town of Bluebell first impressions meant a lot too. If you wore something simply awful, you could be the laughingstock of the town.

That's why I had to wear the perfect dress. The one which me and my mama slaved over the summer before I left. She said I needed something to impress the people there. Something that would get me introduced with a bang. As always, I trusted my Mama's judgement, she's never wrong. Plus the dress was simply gorgeous when finished. The flowers that we spent long hours sewing almost looked real. The dress reminded me of home really. When I heard that there was a party, I knew this was the perfect dress. 

My hair was curled into little ringlets and as I descended the grand staircase they bounced. I smiled to myself, I felt great. I was grabbing a coat when a voice stopped me in my tracks.

"Where are you going?" the familiar voice questioned. I recognized the voice straight away, It was Grant. My best friend since forever and the one person I was hoping to avoid tonight.

"To Jay Gatsby's party," I answered simply. I knew lying was no use, I was the worst liar ever.

"You know how I feel about that. The people here..their not the ones back home. They won't hesitate to stab you in the back," Grant replied, sounding truly concerned. 

"I'll be fine. Always am," I reassured him in my most soothing voice. I gave him the look, the one he knew meant I was going to do whatever I wanted.

"Well if you must go please be careful."

"Yes Dad." He gave me a wry grin at that one.

I was almost out the door when grabbed my wrist.

"I almost forgot.. you look beautiful."

That compliment filled me with a huge warmth, Grant was never really one for compliments. When he said them you knew he truly meant it.

Acting on pure instinct I pulled him in for a tight hug. He stiffened against me and I quickly pulled away. Maybe that wasn't my best move. 

I ended any awkwardness with a quick wave.

Jay Gatsby's party.

Here I come.


The party was in full swing when I arrived. People were dancing, talking and a whole lot of drinking was being done. 

I felt a bit out of place when I first arrived, I mean everyone was either wearing white or black. Did I not get the notion that this was some wedding or a funeral? I was certainly getting a lot of stares when I arrived. I couldn't tell if they were good or bad. One thing was sure, I was glad I ended up wearing heels instead of my comfy black cowgirl boots.

I surveyed the large crowd of people and sighed. Everyone who was here I didn't know so well. Or at all. Maybe Grant was right. Maybe this wasn't the best idea. 

I then spied Lily Desmond, she was one of the most talked about girls around here. And almost always surrounded by people. I've seen her at some of my polo matches. In that moment I made a split decision to talk to her.

"Hey I'm Savannah. But you can call me Sav!" Lily looked up and regarded me. Once again I couldn't tell if it was a positive or a negative.

"Lily. You're new here right?" she questioned. 

"Yup. From Alabama."

Suddenly a pretty blonde girl came up to Lily's side.

"Who is this?" she questioned wrinkling her nose in what was obvious disdain. 

"I'm Savannah."

"Oh don't tell me. You're from some small town in the middle of nowhere and decided you were too big for that town?" she sniped.

"Um no..." I responded quietly. God I hated fights, especially in public. 

"Calm down Bella," Lily said pulling Bella back. So that was her name, Bella. 

I knew it was best I left before a scene was caused so I quickly walked away and headed towards people I actually knew would be civil to me. Meaning Meilin and Zara. 

"Hey girl! You look great," Zara complimented, giving me a big hug. I gave her my thanks and smiled. It was nice to be around.

"I'd recommend you staying out of Bella's path," Meilin warned. 

"You're telling me. She seems like somebody who can really fly off that handle."

"Fly off the handle?" Zara questioned in an attempt of my accent. Meilin and I burst into laughter.

"An Southern saying. You know like get really angry and lashing out," I explained.

"Well that fits Bella pretty well," Meilin spoke.

"One party and already had your first little spat. Gotta say I'm impressed," Zara said. She grabbed 3 glasses of champagne from an waiter who was walking around. 

"To the Hamptons!" Zara declared, holding her glass up.

"To the Hamptons," Meilin agreed.

Meilin and Zara both looked at me expectantly. 

"To the Hamptons, I added a moment later. 

We clinked our glasses and took a large sip of our champagne.

I had to say, Alabama didn't have champagne like that. 

Maybe the hamptons wouldn't be so bad after all.
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