alive | kehlani x coucheron

i was planning on posting a set like 3 hours ago, but something was up with either polyvore or my laptop cus i wasn't able to drag any items around, or drag any items into the set. i did something (lol i'm not quite sure what i did but let's just roll with it) that made it work though (-:

(i redid this desc 6 times fml)

i'll be going to my homeland soon! it's official! i'll also be going to la! i actually don't know if korea's my homeland cus i wasn't born there but whatever HAHAHA.

i was reading all of my old descriptions and i almost had a seizure from the amount of cringe i experienced. apparently 'anyway' 'lmAo' 'LOL' 'so' 'honestly' 'man' and 'yikes' are the only words i know!!! i also tend to do that gross thing where i drag out a word with an excessive amount of uppercase and lowercase letters. (wow i love run-on sentences) fck me. from now on i'll try to have proper desc's haha.

where's my award for the most annoying ho on this site

spread love not legs
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