@smile24790 You had been sick all day, watching Friends while snuggled up underneath your Jack Wills blanket. You were starving, but there was two reasons why you didn't get anything to eat. One: You're too lazy to get up. Two: You were afraid to throw up anything you ate. You sighed, taking a sip of your water. The front door opens and closes, you look back to see Louis.
"Hey Erika. I came here as soon as possible." He sounds out of breath, a bag of groceries in his hand. He sets it on the counter, handing you anything to try and make you feel better. Movies, tissues, pills, then he pulled out a can of soup. You licked your lips, staring at it. He was looking at you, chuckling. 
"I'm guessing you're hungry. I'll make you this." He leans up, grabbing the can, heating it up on the stove for you. He comes back with it, a spoon in his hand.
"Sit up, babe." You do as told and Louis feeds you the soup as you both watch Friends. (: 
I hope you liked it! xx
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