so, my last set of 2O12. huh. that year went by quickly, it was like a blur. parts of it comes back in flashbacks, when i least expect it. it hasn't been too eventful though.

my polyvore year though, now that's been eventful. i mean look at all the followers?! i'm simply amazed. really. && the fact that most of my sets get over 1OO likes is a dream come true. && to end my year, fran has asked me to co-found his new tip account @tip-worldxo ♥ a dream come true, really. 

&& i hope 2O13 brings something good. i'm going to stick to my resolutions and i just want this to be the best year ever. 

come on god. 13 is my lucky number, ru was born on friday 13. i know everything happens for a reason, and those are my reasons for 2O13 being a good year. please. ♥

i think i've been good. i think i deserve it.

after everything.


- getting emotional. i'm sorry. i just want this to be a good year so badly. -

happy new years everyone! ♥

- sorcha.xo.


@ictoria-xoxo - victoria! we haven't known each other for long, but i feel really close to you && omg, consider you to be such a close friend! love you lots! ♥

@avaclaire-loves-you - avaa! we have so many things in common which is unreal! && we have such long conversations, which i adore, you're amazing, and i love you♥

@chloeadorable25 - chloe! my wifey! my beautiful and amazing girl. don't change for anyone, and omg. best friends forever ♥ iloveyou.

@aubreynicole-xo - aubrey! your christmas present meant so much to me! omg. you;re the sweetest girl ever && you're simply beautiful! i love you loads! ♥

@nomieissoepic - nomiee! my american hottie! you're a huge inspirations to me, you stood up to those haters && omg. nomie. ♥ i love you so much, you beautfiul and amazing girl.

@frannyboy-xo - fran! my fellow english person! we haven't talked much, but asking me to co-found your tip account was the best new year present ever! you're awesome, and we should talk more♥

@chloeanna-xo - chloe! you're such a lovely girl with one of the best personalities, i ship chelliot so hard! i love you lots! ♥

@aloha-its-linna - linna! you're a babe, and omg you have the best ideas ever! you're tip account is amazing && i'm sure your beauty account will go just as well. ((: iloveyouu♥

@loveshawnal - shawnal! i'm coming to live in your closet, as you're adopting me((; && omg randomest conversations ever! cookiees((; love you! ♥

@blakeyboo - blaaakee((; okay so you're amazing, and we need to talk more, but omg, yeaah((; love you! ♥

@autumnspice-xo - autumn! nearly forgot you, babe((; ♥ we have matching icons! woo! && i love our little chaats((: love you♥

@meghan-xo - meghan! nearly forgot you too((; i love our little chats, too && we need to talk more♥ but omg you're personality is amazingg((; love you ♥

if i missed you outt, i'm sorry :L i'm tireed! 
&& i love you all! ♥
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