Jan 4- 2nd semester starts
Saks 5th Ave. is unveiling its new designer floor tonight. Hosted by Charlize Theron.
When: 7.00
Wear: Chicness to the extreme. Its going to be chockful of designers (including Zac Posen, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta), Anna Wintour and Rachel Zoe to name a few

I was mad at William to start, but then he told me exactly why he was late. He volunteers at the rec center to teach underprivileged youth to sing. One of his student's was going to walk across town in the cold, and it was really dark. William being the sweetie he is offered to drive him ALL the way home across town. He sped back to the party so he could see me.

Normally I wouldn't believe most of the guys I know, but with William, it's different. I can trust him, and that totally sounds like something he would do.

I walk into the Saks on Williams arm, chatting lightly. It is so easy to talk to him because he's not only interested in my body. He cares about what I have to say.

We walk around for a few minutes, sifting through some of the racks. There isn't much that I see that I like, but then I turn around and see a rack of Alexander Wang dresses across the store. "Wait here, William, I'll be right back!"

I practically run over to the rack and pick up anything in a sixe two. It takes longer than I thought it would to fill my arms with clothes and walk back over to where William was standing when I left him. "William?" I call out.

I hear some girlish giggling and a male's laugh from behind the rack next to me. "William?" I ask skeptically, peering behind the clothes. Some girl (maybe her name is Melanie? Or Maya?) is hanging on his arm.

I tap on her chicken arm and smile sweetly. "S'cuse me, girlie, could you please stop trying to sell your services to my boyfriend? Hookers are gross, and so are you." I say, soft enough so William can't her. She shoots me a dirty look and slinks away.

No one will touch my man.
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