time: 8.18 am
location: Range Rover
stepping to: "The Fame" by Lady GaGa
eating/drinking: green apple & glaceau
wearing: short black Babydoll dress, green Hermés-bag, Juicy-flats, nerd glasses
hair: glossy waves
talking to: the PC

I luffed my right foot to the rhythm of "The Fame" and bited a bit off my apple. We were on the way to NYC for shopping! "Oh my gosh, I´m so exited!", Alicia squealed."Yes, me too! Well, we have enough time for shopping. Isaac will meet us at the parking-lot at 6 pm." Massie said and took a draft of her orange juice. She pulled out her Visa and asked: "Do you all have your Visa´s with you?"

I also pulled out mine and added: "Yes!" "Leesh, why do have so much?", Claire asked laughing, because Alicia had pulled out her 6 credit cards. We all broke in guffaw. "Girls, i´ve got may-jor gossip!" i yelled over the guffaw. "How many points?", Alicia asked. "I think 4." i said modestly. 

The PC looked at me, because they don´t want to miss something. "Okay, as you know, I asked you guys, if i look like Cintia D., right?!", I started. They nodded. "Well, i took a picture if me and sent it to Teen Vogue. And now guess what have happened this morning?!"

"I guess you woke up and went to my house!" Massie said sarcastically. The others laughed. "Guys..!" I said. "Teen Vogue has sent me a letter and they said that I am in the finale of choosing "THE NEXT CiNTiA DiCKER´S"!", I screamed and clapped in my hands. 

The rest of the Pretty Comitee screamed to and each of them gave my a high-five. I lifted my glaceau bottle and said gladly: "To Teen Vogue, Cintia Dickers and ME!"

Time: 10.07 am
Location: NYC (Madison Ave)

"Ehmagawd Barney´s!!!" Alicia screamed and she RAN towards the big building on Madison Avenue. "She really have to love it, i mean she is runnig!" Claire giggled. Massie giggled, too, and they scuttled inside. " 0H MY G0D!" Everybody screamed gladly and Massie stood now in front of us. "Okay girls, we have 6 hours for shopping. I think we can hang out 3 of them here." She smiled. "Let´s go to the clothes!" Massie linked her arm with Alicia and they went to some gor-juss dresses. 

I looked for some skirts and Kristen and Claire were in the make-up- branch. "Hey Kris!" I called for her. She turned around and came to me. "Look, try this skirt on, it would be very nice for you!" I said and held a blue skirt in front of her.

"Dyl, that´s nice, but.." I interrupped her:"I´ll pay!" Kristen smiled at me and went to the locker rooms. Massie blincked at me and i smiled at her. 

After 3 hours at Barney´s i got 6 new skirts, 3 tops, i think 8 dresses (mostly from Ck), 4 or 5 shoes (Jimmy Choo, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs), 7 blouses (RL, MJ), one black Chanel-bag and this gor-juss Balenciaga-bag.We left Barney´s and Alicia yelled for sushi or something to eat. Well, me too :).

xoxo Dylan <3
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