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I'm right back from an amazing eve spent with my friends and I still have the energy to make a set here :) So tommorow I wanna try to find the time to make a new years eve set, but if not I wanna wish you all a happy new year !!! Well I really hope all of you like this set and have an awesome week everyone :)
xoxo loooot's of happily ♥

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So a few days ago I've been tagged a second time by @sssdmr to this tag and here it is:

1. How did you find out about Polyvore?
Ok so actually (this is a bit embarrassing) I've been bored, so I've done some test on the website from the seventeen magazine and one question was which social community do you like the most and on the answers you could have picked has also been polyvore and I had no clue what it is, so I searched it up on google. 

2. What's your fave type of sets to make? Fashion, art, edits?
Well it's kinda obvisious that I loveee doing fashion sets in first place, but I also like doing edits but still somehow have the focus on fashion :D

3. Who is your fave member on Polyvore whose sets you just go gaga over? 
K so first polyvore is really FULL of talented people and I'm always impressed about their perspective on fashion, but the sets from the members I go crazy about are: @rainie-minnie @stylistish @thewondersoffashion @glitterbaby77 @mrs-box @dorc @misslenny @helleka @misssophie (although she's unfortunately inactiv since forever)

4. Paste the link of your fiiiirst ever! (Painful, but we promise not to laugh! :)

5. Have you ever had a TOP SET? 
Yeah several ones tbh I don't really know how much....

6. Tell us one fact about yourself that we never knew 
Hmmm I'm most of the time a good girl who's biggest interest are fashion and I'm really focused on gaining what I want and to do something out of my life......well yeah I'm determined and a perfectionist.

7. What's number 1 on your wishlist? (From 1000 things!!)
Ok this is hard but I guess it's traveling all around the world or having a big appartement in paris and actually living there.

8. What’s number one on your Polyvore wishlist? (Paste link- pretty please!) 
Another hard question......a trenchcoat by burberry

9. Whats the last book you read? 
The crucible by Arthur Miller for my english class, Faust by Goethe for my german class and for myself I've read gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell

10. How many sets have you published?
400.....OMG I had no idea that it's already that much and btw this is the 401.

11. How many languages do you speak? 
I speak english, french and german (nearly) fluently and the basics in spanish 

Now I tag:
and everyone who wants also do this tag pls feel free to do it and then tag me :)
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