Anna Brown;

A walk through the streets of Paris is so lovely. Antique decor, pretty flowers, amazing architecture at every corner. It wasn't very hard to find the cute cafe where Madison and I agreed to meet. 

I put my map away and pushed open the wooden door. Madison was not there yet. I walked over to the bathroom to freshen up. 

"Hey, sorry I'm late. I got kept back." I pecked her on the cheek as she sat down. 
"You look gorgeous." I smiled, "Who's the guy?" I was so thankful she spoke english. I sat back, relaxed.
She smiled amused. "No one. Well. There maybe-"
"Ooh, french man. Every girl has to have an affair with a french man at some point of their life." I laughed. We kept talking and ordered our coffee.

Introduce yourselves girls :)
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