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Haven't done one of these in a little while.. So here it is:

Day 8 - Three things you want to say to different people:

Okay, 1. @lumos-my-life.
Little miss Georgia.. 
One day when your famous for your writing, remember me? Also, can I have an autograph, now?? :D
Sometimes your way too hard on yourself you know that? So next time your upset, remind yourself of that.. I hate it when your upset because all you seem to do is blame yourself but its not your fault!! Its all the other stupid people in the world!! <3

And uh.. Last but not least... Crap got to think of something sentimental now.. ;)
Love you george! xox

2. @blue-eyes19.
"Everyone: The Amazing Micky!!" - Just gave you a title..
Okay so where do I start, Just for one - You are probably the smartest person I know. Who isn't old XD

Another thing, I really wish you would stop holding everything in because I feel like I can help but you never come tell me this stuff. So.. Yeah haha this is awkward. I'm a good helper! <3

Great now I can't think of anything else.. One more thin that I want to tell you.. Ahhh... I love you micky.. Does that count? :)

3. My brother and Dad (Who obviously don't have polyvore. Thank god.)

Dad, are you trying to ignore me or something along those lines? Because it hurts more than you think. I'm not going to say anymore than that.

Ryan, Stop stressing - plain and simple. 
Also, please I beg of you get some perspective.. I mean I love you to bits but come on everything can't be perfect and you should know that. Relax a bit and forget about everything that is going on..
P.S Stop siding with Dad for once, its not gonna hurt.

Love you all. 
Even if some are being a bit touchy, not you Michaela and Georgia.
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