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It's been 9 months since I last did one of these... oops.

10. Discuss your first love and kiss.

Not counting the completely innocent playground kiss with a boy called Dale in Kindergarten, my first love and first kiss were the same person and who, luckily, is still one of my best friends. His name is Jeff and we met at boarding school when we were nine years old. It may sound like a cliche but since we met each other on the first day of school we became inseparable, the best of friends. He has an amazing sense of humor and has always made me laugh. When we were older I realized that I had a huge crush on him but being as shy and awkward as I am around cute guys, I did nothing. I didn't know at the time but Jeff had a crush on me too but for all his good looks and big personality he was also too shy! He finally worked up the courage and kissed me one day after a hockey match and then asked me out! I know that it may seem childish and silly to classify this as my 'first love' when we were so young but to this day I have never had such an immediate connection with anyone else. Even though it didn't work out (because at fourteen a long distance relationship just isn't going to happen) we're still great friends.
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