An art collage from September 2010
♥ Celebrities ♥ [+challenge] ♥ TV shows ♥

♥ Celebrities ♥ [+challenge] ♥ TV shows ♥

This group is for all celebrity sets!! I'm gonna make contests about all sorts of celebs... As soon as we have enough members^^ (created by FloJu, june 7th)
I also made a celebrity challenge!! You don't have to do it for being in this group, but if you want to, make a set with each of this celebrities, make a collection and send it to me (you don't have to do the ones the user added, but it would be great if you would XD) Also you don't HAVE TO make new sets if you already have one of this person... But of course it would be nice^^ and please number the sets, thaanks♥ !! I will write you down in my hall of fame and fave all sets from the collection ♥ You can can also change 5 people from my list... If you have an idea who I could add, just PM me!! ♥
1. Nina Dobrev
2. Emma Watson
3. Chace Crawford
4. Blake Lively
5. Leighton Meester
6. Ian Somerhalder
7. Alexis Bledel
8. Taylor Momsen
9. Candice Accola
10. Ed Westwick
11. Kristen Stewart
12. Channing Tatum
13. Adam Brody
14. Keira Knightley
15. Amanda Seyfried
16. Paul Wesley
17. Sophia Bush
18. Taylor Swift
19. Olivia Wilde
20. Rachel Bilson
21. Penelope Cruz
22. Chad Michael Murray
23. Mischa Barton
24. Dianna Agron
25. Orlando Bloom
26. Megan Fox
27. Vanessa Hudgens
28. Robert Pattinson
29. Mary-Kate / Ashley Olsen
30. Jessica Alba
Added by Users: [would be nice if some of them are in your challenge too. But you don't have to make sets with them!!]
31. Alex Pettyfer [added by ♥china.teacup♥]
32. Carey Mulligan [added by ♥china.teacup♥]
33. Jason Derulo [added by Peacock.xx]
34. Taylor Lautner [added by FloJu]
35. Kim Kardishian [added by Fashion.bbhy]
36. Jessica Stam [added by Fashion.bbhy]
37. Dakota Fanning [added by Fashion.bbhy]
38. Lea Michele [added by Fashion.bbhy]
39. Lucy Hale [added by Fashion.bbhy]
40. Enrique Iglesias [added by lilly♥rose]
41. Logan Lerman [added by lilly♥rose]
42. Ashley Greene [added by lilly♥rose]
43. Nicole Scherzinger [added by lilly♥rose]
Hall of Fame:
o1. ♥china.teacup♥ -->
o2. Christi. -->
o3. BRONtaaay1828 -->
04. FloJu -->
o5. ...soley... -->
o6. StringBean11 -->
o7. ' Unique♥ -->
o8. crazy.teen♥ -->
o9. Delta^^ -->
1o. Le e Bela

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