its that time of year when we go to the beach! :) besides swimming here are 30
 things that you can do at the beach.
1.write messages in the sand

2. go looking for dolphins (some beaches don't have many though :/)

3. build an sand castle

4. go seashell hunting

5. try to get a natural tan

6.surfing, or any water sport like kayaking, paddleboating, etc.

7. meet new people/make some friends :) even guy friends ;)

8.take photos of the scenery

9. watch the sunset

10. have a beach party/bonfire

11.have a picnic with friends/family

12. read a book that you haven't been able to find time to read yet.

13.write a song, poem, or begin a story

14.go for a run along the beach 

15. set up a game of volleyball (another way to meet new people.)

16. try getting a sun tattoo ( I absolutely love this creative idea ive seen a lot of polyvore tips on this) a kite

18. try something adventurous like parasailing

19.have a family photo shoot a ride some beaches let you drive your car on their or let you rent vehicles such as jetskis, a boat or an ATV.

21.throw around a Frisbee

22. go people watching (lol you will see all sorts of people at the beach. make up stories about their lives with your friends x) ) soccer or football

24. bury your friends in the sand

25.go windsurfing

26. enjoy summer concerts 

27. bring a guitar and play some music

28. or adding on to 27, plug in your ipod to some speakers and sing/ dance around.

29.create a beach bottle--perfect souvenir (find a plastic bottle, fill it up with beach water and fill the bottle up with seashells...make sure the beach is not protected first though :P)

30.last but not least.....just lay down on your towel, or chair and RELAX :)
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