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The Republic of Kosova is in the center of southeastern Europe, between the Northern hemisphere parallels 42° and 44°, and located in the central Balkans.
Kosova represents an important link between central and southern Europe and the Adriatic and Black Seas. Kosovo has an area of 10,908 square km.
Kosova has a population of over 2 million consisting of 92% Albanians and 8% Others (Serbs, Turks, Bosnian, Roma, and Ashkali).
Official languages are Albanian and Serbian. Bosnian, Turkish and Roma Languages are legal languages at the municipality level. 
Republic of Kosova is a secular state and neutral in religious matters. 
Independence Day: 17 Feb (2008), Capital: Prishtina. 
Cultural Heritage
Kosovo represents a treasury of ethnic and religious heritages from various historical periods resulting in a mosaic of cultures. 
These heritages were influenced by a variety of historical, social, economic and religious circumstances. The entire artistic value as a heritage belongs to various styles, as Albanians and other peoples were inhabitants of this region.
Sitting Goddess of Tjerrtorja – Prishtina's City Emblem 
The Economic Policy of the Republic of Kosova aims toward a free trade system. In this context, it has drafted a legal framework that ensures the fulfillment of European standards of
The Republic of Kosova has a secure bank system, efficient tax system, and prioritizes developing the private sector.
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