Things are looking up.
I saw one of my friends from dale today, as well as this adorable little asian (hey now, no racist intended) from my middle school that was awesome. 
I also saw this guy who I'm pretty sure had a crush on me at one point, he kept writing on me with sharpies and being generally flirty (coming from a completely oblivious girl, that's saying something) and he was all like "You HAVE to do VJAS!! You have to!" and i was just like, *raises eyebrow*
I also met a new person today. :)
I stayed after school for this public speaking club and afterwards I had to wait two hours for my mom, and he as there. A couple people I knew went over to talk to him so I joined the conversation cause I was bored. Hey kept looking at me, the whole time until they left. Then I went to sit by my bag cause I'm awk and he came over to talk to me. We ended up talking for like and hour, he's really nice. And cute.
Cute. (He's tall but not too tall and cute in an awk nerdy way but cute nerdy not weird nerdy and he has really pretty eyebrows. yeah)
I also met a guy who does cool magic tricks with cards and can solve a rubix cube in under 30 seconds. Jealousface.
I ALSO found the perfect book for my science fair refs. It has a whole section about infinite series.
I didn't have Spanish today, instead we got to walk around the school and eat candy. YES.
Think I got 100 on my science test. YAY. 
So all in all, great day. 
I met a cute boy.
BTW, the irritating guy texted me "Hey :)" seven times. SEVEN. 
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