detroit rock city
The Black Eyed Peas begin their song and the first model to walk the run way was Mic. She looked f.cking hot in her pink get up. The show was well organized and went off without a hitch! Mic put on a good facade. You would've never known how broken-hearted she was. But I could. I knew how it felt to have your heart broken by the only guy you was in love with. Yes, I'm talking about that piece of sh.t, Idris. That's all water under the bridge now. Like Joey said, I've upgraded. That boy amuses me. I like him a f.cking lot. I would never tell him that though. After the models took their last walk, the show was officially over.

So here we were. Me and Mic. Sitting on my floor in the living room drinking Jack Daniels. The vodka was already gone. I looked at Mic. She was three sheets in the wind! She reached for the bottle to pour herself another glass. I beat her to the bottle. "No more for you barbie."
"But whyyyyy?" she slurred.
"Listen to you Mic," I said annoyed. "You're drunk. I understand every f.cking thing you are going through. Really, I do. But drinking is not the way to handle your f.cking problems."
"But why would he do this to me?"
"Maybe he has a good excuse." Honestly, I didn't even believe what I just said. The signs were all there. What else could it be? Truth is, I was tired of Mic pitying herself.
I looked at Mic slouched over, leaning against the couch.
"Come on." I said getting up.
"Where we going?" She looked up at me with sad eyes.
"You are going home."
She sighed, and sloppily stood up. I grabbed her arm before she could fall back to the floor. Once I got her in the car, I shut her door. I jumped in the driver's seat and off we went to Mic's apartment. I looked over at her, she was out cold.
I called Joey to let him know I would be over as soon as I dropped Mic off. I know what you're thinking. No, I did not drop my friend off to go have sex. It just looks that way.
I pulled up at Mic's building. "Mic," I shook her. "Mic. Mic!"
"You gotta get up and go in your building." She complied. I was about to drive off when I noticed her shoe in the floor. I rolled the window down and threw the shoe out the window as I drove away.

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