Artist/Band: My Chemical Romance
Featured Song: Dead!
Album/EP: The Black Parade
Tuesday. May 27, 2014

Well, tell me what you think. I'm not all too pleased with this specific layout, but I think it's decent none the less. Any/all comments are welcome. 


Do you want a set made by me? Well, here you go:
• F O R M ;;
Name ;
Type of set {provide an example if possible by attaching it to your comment/request] ;
Colour Scheme {3 colours max} ;
Outfit {be as specific or generic as you like, please leave links if you want a particular outfit though} ;
Choose a song {for the set title} ;
Anything else ;
Tag 5-15 friends ;
Help me get these sets up to 150 likes?:
If you want to join my tag list please comment "cheap trick" (extra bonus points, imaginary points that is, if you know /why/ I'm having you comment this).

Want set likes? Just go to this collection ( and for every set you like I'll like back. Be sure to comment how many you liked though so I know how many to give you :)
p.s. if you go to /any/ collection of mine that has sets in it, comment how many you liked on that collection and I'll match that. It's an easy way to rack up some likes by me :)

For a while now I've been asking for tumblr accounts to follow on here and no one has been giving me any links... do any of you even have a tumblr? just curious? In case if you haven't been reading my past sets hree's what I'm looking for Tumblr wise: interior design (mostly houses), scenery (city and outdoorsy), fashion (higher fashion), animals, food, actors/actresses (People such as James Dean and Marylin Monroe) and even bands/artists (however, I'm looking for bands that are more along the lines of 50-90s groups like The Beatles and Van Halen, Elvis Presley,...). If you have a blog that contains one or more of these things please comment the link to your blog and I'll go check it out and possibly follow. Or if you know of any other blogs that have these please comment the links to those as well. For each link that you provide me that actually fits what I'm looking for I'll give you 20 likes for a max of 100 likes (that's 5 links).
Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you crying?
@amber-soleil Oh my Ringo! After my years of living on the planet earth, I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone as amazing as you. You listen to the same exact music as I do, have similar interests, and are an incredibly nice person. You are the greatest 
@dreamer4lifexx Your sets girl! What is this amazingness and don’t you have any more followers? Seriously, you deserve way more than what I already have!
@graceful-whovian We really need to talk more on here. Seriously, one of these days I’m actually going to sit down and watch pretty much every episode of every fandom (that has a T.V. show) that you belong to and then I’ll be able to talk to you more and other on here <3
@gryffindor-girl even though we just started talking the other day, you need to know that I’m always here to talk to you. Also I’ll have you listening to so much classic rock that you’ll forget that there’s other music out there :p
@gwendolyn-mcintyre Girly, where the heck have you gone? I absolutely miss talking to you. Come back on so I can talk to my best friend on here.
@janedoe-neverletmego Why is it that the people on here who make better sets than me have less followers than I do? Let’s take you as an example.
@jupiter-hale To the girl who loves the same music as I do, you are an absolute doll for that. And just so you know MCR will live on in our hearts
@lapinrose Where’d you go? It’s like my OM&M buddy isn’t around as much as she used to be. But on the rare chance that you’re on, I get to hold the right to yell “YOU’RE ALIVE!”
@l-ondon If I could trade places with anyone on this planet it would be you. You love all the things I wish I had the time for. Okay, that’s a complete lie. I have time for Patrick Stump and white converse, but everything else though I need to work on.
@myparadisecity Where the grass is green And the girls are pretty Take me home
@par0dise Oh. My. God. Your. Sets. Woman. All I can say right now is that jealously is a b*tch on my part. Can I just go through every set of your and like them all? Please!
@phantabulous As a fellow writer we are very simpatico. Thank you for helping me to continue writing and always keeping me on track and up to date so I don’t fall behind. I really appreciate your support and help on that!
@rosie-trp Patrick Stump is the greatest singer who has ever existed on this planet. To anyone else who ir reading this, don’t you dare disagree, we’ll come after you XD
@thedeargooddead My first tag-lister and an ∀ɯɒzıuƃ writer. Until you come back for good, I’ll just spam the heck out of you for Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen fangirling that I need to get out of my system. Until we can exchange words of sentiment, know that you’re supermegaesomefoxyhot.
@polyvore @polyvore-editorial #elainepleasenotice #raeleespenguin
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Wrote two years ago
ooh. I like it!

Wrote two years ago
you think that you can attach it to a comment for me? I want to see it :D



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