○ The Royal Concept - On Our Way


- Aria's quote again, I think it was just time for Aria to go mental. & this song! I adore it, I found it off my little brothers Fifa game (':

 ○ Ezra is writing a book? I don't think so. I'm sorry but that is no reason to stalk some girls with camera's and everything of the like. It's really creepy. When they picked up the book it had 'Lies beget Lies' written in red. Basically saying Lies brings about more lies, or breads more lies. Therefore the 'book' story is a pack of lies. He's something else if not A, and he's making up this tragic story. I really don't think an ordinary author/teacher would go to the lengths he does to write a 'book'. Nope. Liar. 

 ○ B-26, the number to the song that Ezra selected when him and Aria were in a bar. I think it was The Fray. Anyway, having a password like that, about a 'moment' shows he actually does care about her, regardless I still think he's lying/up to something.

○ Spencer has been this way before with the drugs? Was she like that the night Ali disappeared? Because her mother said she does things she doesn't know about, hence why she woke up at school, and she hadn't a clue. I think she might know about the night Ali went, but she can't remember because she was on Adderall. The the prescription pad in her bag, either she's on the A team, or she has been duped by A. I think it could be her getting duped. I'm not sure.

 ○ Mona is through helping Ezra, but what does she know that the rest don't? If it's the case where Ezra knows about Ali, and he was helping her, save the email addresses, and the phone number linked to his art foundation, then she knows more about Ali than anyone. I'm just unsure about Ezra right now.

 ○ The whole Black Mamba thing was a clue. In my opinion. Whoever took the money that was in the coffee bag was the black widow. Both deadly creatures, the black mamba being more so, but they're still both deadly, and then it was a girl who picked up the bag. I think it was Paige. The whole figure seemed like Paige. Paige seems like the Black Widow to me.

T h o u g h t s ;
- The Black Mamba was a clue, that whoever has the money, is the Black Widow. I think it's Paige.
- Ezra is up to something. He's lying about the book. Lies breed lies. He's lied, and he continues to.
- He knows where Ali is, I'd say he gave her that money, and he knows who's after her. The number linked him as it's his art foundation, but why would Ali ask him for help? I think he's either a private investigator or something to do with the police. & he's using the book as a cover.
- Spencer was out of it once before, and I think it was the night Ali 'disappeared', Spencer knows something, but she can't remember because she was out of it.
- Mona is now refusing to help, so what does she know, she clearly knows things. People give her less credit than she deserves sometimes. 

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15:21 | 20.02.2014
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