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One Thing//One Direction♥

Please give me time to fangirl about the VMAs...(no hate for what I say, please!!)

THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WON THEY WON THEY WON THEY WON THEY WON THEY WON THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I loved their reactions when they won! They just jumped and screaming like they were little boys again! And I loved seeing the pictures of Niall crossing his fingers when they were going to announce the awards. I love how nervous he gets because it was just so cute! I wish he wasn't nervous though because the WMYB song and video were amazing and he has great fans to vote for him! And that performance....oh god! I thought they were going to play WMYB because that's what the Twitter said. But, the silly boys decided to change it up and play One Thing which I absolutely loved! I would have liked to hear LWWY, but this is just as good! This was quite a night for Niall! He beat his idol (JB) in the 2 awards where they were against each other, and met his mega crush, Demi Lovato for the first time. I really wonder what happened with that. And I loved their outfits! How cute, omg! And DID YOU SEE LOU'S HAIR???!!!!! Pure perfection. I also very much appreciated how tight his pants were. I loved how brown Niall's hair was. I thought I wouldn't like him going back to his natural color, but it was adorable! I thought their performance was perfect! The other acts had crazy outfits, dancers, sets, etc, and they just wore their cute clothes and ran around on the stage. That's all they needed! And I of course loved Harry's reaction when they won Best Pop Video. It was so adorable and is now going to be my "suprised" face. Thanks, Harry! Zayn's hair....perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect...and did I say perfect? And I love how "into" the show he got saying like "I wanna see those hands!" and clapping and stuff. He's just so darn cute. The crowd in the back was a bit rude, if you ask me. When someone finishes a show, you should clap whether you liked it or not. And they didn't. I guess they are just jealous. But oh well, they were so amazing. I also kept cracking up when they said they broke the award. Only the boys! And Katy Perry gave them the award (and also got some....kisses...from Niall and Harry that made my quite quite jealous!). Anyone else see Taylor Laughter and the gymnasts really loving the song? Some secret directioners, perhaps? CONGRATULATIONS, BOYS! I AM SOOOO PROUD OF YOU!♥

So now of course you have to hear my reaction! First award, I knew they would win because I could see the tally online, so no big suprise but I was still screaming. When the won the best pop video, I screamed so loud my dad could hear my from inside the shower. I just kept screaming and screaming and screaming and screaming! He said the police would come if I screamed any louder, haha! I also cried quite a bit and shouted at the TV. A lot of rude remarks to Justin (sorry Beliebers, nothing against you!). Performance, I felt like I was going to throw up and couldn't consume anything except water from 5pm on because I was so nervous and happy. I had to leave the room because I was crying and freaking out so much. So I think I'm still going crazy from last night.♥

Directioners, please fangirl with me so I don't look like an insane idiot by myself. 

Oh, and by the way, please fave the set, thanks♥

Kisses, Caroline♥
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