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So I've never done a blog set before, hopefully this counts aha? [:

I was so glad to get ancient greece as my location/style of clothing. I've never been but it's definitely one of my dream locations. Also because of this I couldn't use any of my actual photos.

However I did use an flower picture of mine because I just couldn't resist. I also think if i had an blog I'd probably find some way to work an photo of mine in. Anyway this particular flower picture is of a rose. Which does in fact connect to Greece. The rosette design was very commonly used in ancient greek times. Also I included an camera. This all also ties into my photography side [; 

I also included a picture of the city of Athens and the Parthenon to contrast between old and new. 

For the ladies hair it was common for it to be long. Sparkly and flowered headbands were common. It's very easy to apply this to the modern times.

Taking inspiration from the footwear of the warriors of Greece, also called Gladiators, pictured are gladiator sandals. This very trend is coming back and is very much in style. This is shown by the Black Givenchy gladiator sandals shown. 

In the modern day look you'll see an one shouldered dress. These dresses take inspiration from the traditional greek Peplos. Add a belt and you got the perfect modern Grecian look. 

Another picture you'll notice is an Greek wedding dress. Greek bridal gowns are classic and very romantic. You can make them easily modern. Designers want you to look like the perfect greek goddess on your special day.

You'll notice an three vintage chiton dresses that are in between the classic looks and the modern. This is done on purpose. These dresses take inspiration from the traditional Greek dress called the Chiton. It showcases the drapey look that Ancient Greece was known for. This look isn't very much in style today. But find the perfect vintage lover and it'll be perfect.

The white tunic I included clearly showcases an modern greek look. You see the notable white color and the little silver detailing. This fits in with Greek times as jewelry was a way to show your status. Only the most opulent could afford such amazing luxuries. When you could, they would pour on the gold and silver.

Overall the simplicity, elegance and drapey way of Greek fashion makes it an timeless look.
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