= the employee
Stella Bradshaw (24)
having one of the top sales records in apple history, life is better than ever before for stella. because of her past (which she never speaks of) stella's bubbly personality as reached all new levels.

= the home
stella resides in a lovely apartment. it's quite roomy and modern. however it still has a homey feel. there's a lot of plants. a pop of a bright color is likely. all of this is a far cry from stella's old living conditions.

= the job
stella's job is to present (and almost always she's able to sell) apple products to educators, businesses and anybody searching for the latest and greatest

=the family

-the younger brother
cory bradshaw (alexander ludwig) , 21
overall stella's currently the closest with him. now messy court deals or memories of her father's involved with him. he's fun loving and a great listener. 

-the mother 
katrina bradshaw (naomi watts) , 46
very kind and sweet to stella when she was growing up. then the divorce happened and they were forced apart. with the strict custody order in place, katrina never really saw stella during her older years. now with stella's father dead (an overdose) spending time together just brings up awful memories

-the father
christian bradshaw (aaron eckhart), died at age 45
stella lived with him when the divorce took place. he was a powerful lawyer and was able to take full custody of her. when he lost his job, stella's father had lost everything life meant to him. he became angry at the world. he began to inject, inhale and ingest whatever drugs/alcohol he could. he became abusive. stella couldn't handle it anymore. she left. he died at age 45

= the love interest

conner rostad (dylan o'brien) , 21
he's an intern at google. young, hot and off limits as far as stella's concerned. he has an infatuation with her though. and makes it very clear. he has fun doing many romantic gestures to try and win stella's heart. she claims to be uninterested but her heart can't help but pitter patter 

stella has been with many guys. she keeps them at bay though, not wanting to get hurt. will she finally let down all of her walls? talk about her past? will one guy she dated come back to haunt her?


comment with relationships (:
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