It's time to get started on any new upcoming projects in your division - whatever that may be. Apple Campus is in full work mode.

ugh i'm so behind sorry, been busy with training.
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Things were finally getting back into swing for me Apple.

Sure the welcoming parties and dinners were fun, but it was truly the work part that was my the most important thing at Apple. I had like new sales records to break! 

Seriously, most people here probably wouldn't take me as the person to be a workaholic. 

Though the queen workaholic herself briskly walked past and I couldn't help but pick up my pace to meet her in the elevator. 

"Sasha!" I exclaimed as I barely made it in time to the elevator. She nodded politely in return and looked down at her phone, no doubt displaying an array of her planned events for the day. "So how was your summer?" I questioned. It was mainly out of politeness, plus the fact I hated silence. Especially in confined spaces. Like elevators.

Also, I curious. I mean I had known Sasha for quite some time. And really, what did I know about her? Honestly not that much.

"Good. Usual stuff you know," Sasha replied with a smile. I was about to reply when more people crowded into the elevator making things even more uncomfortable.

"Anything boy related?" I whispered conspiratorially and wiggled my eyebrows. If there was anything that would spark endless conversation, I knew it would be boys. That's like a rule or something, right?!

Sasha opened her mouth to reply but suddenly she began to push past people. "Sorry it's my floor!" she called back to me.

Frankly I think she was glad for the escape. However she wasn't going to make it out that easily. She and I were definitely going to go out for drinks later! 

And she was /so/ going to spill all of her boy secrets.


After performing a particularly difficult sale on a rather robust gentleman requesting a large order for apple products, I was definitely in need of my lunch break.

I headed towards Café Macs and grabbed a tray. I decided on getting a chicken caesar salad. And a delicious M&M cookie. 

I choose an free table and began munching on my food, which of course was delicious. I swore I could gain 100 pounds from the food here. Suddenly I noticed two familiar faces and called out "Lara! Leighton!" I began to wave my arms wildly. 

They looked up from getting their meals and gave me a little wave before heading over to the table. 

"Oh how I've missed the wildly waving hands of Stella Bradshaw!"

"So much more interesting then one would think. Seemingly this species waves with no pattern."

I realized I was still waving my arms and abruptly stopped. I couldn't help but giggle at their words. "Ha ha. These waving arms have missed you guys too."

"So how are things going with you & James?" Leighton asked in between bites of her turkey wrap.

"Not happening anymore," I replied quickly and stared down into my food like it was a work of art.

"Really Stella?" Lara sighed. "What happened this time?"

"Nothing things... they just didn't work out." Please let the subject change. Like now.

"Right...seriously Stella. When will a relationship of yours last more than a month?" Leighton questioned. I raised an eyebrow. "Not that I should be talking," she added hurriedly. 

"When I meet a good guy," I answered. 

Which I suppose wasn't the big truth. James had been fine. He just proposed marriage. Which really wouldn't have been too bad I suppose. Being married to a rich son of a politician couldn't be to shabby.

But I just wasn't ready.

Would I ever be?

I was able to eat and think quietly while random conservation flowed between my friends.

Suddenly my ribs were met by a quick elbow from Leighton. Lara nodded discreetly to the left. I followed her gaze and found myself looking at fairly young looking intern. I mean he had to be a intern, right? 

I never had seen him before. I would have remembered
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Wrote three years ago
@sophiaspastic (thank you! sorry it was kinda rushed, been cray busy right before school and such)
For sure! Can't wait to like get to know you better.
- Stella

@fashi0nismypassi0n thanks!
@stars-and-moon omg I love writing for her c:

Wrote three years ago
Stella is so cute omg

Wrote three years ago
So cute!

Wrote three years ago
(Love it!!!)
Drinks indeed!
- Sasha

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