Lets try doing the Movie Quote Quiz! Just comment the number of the quote and what movie it's from.
I included the year the movie came out with each quote because there's some really old one's and brand new ones. Plus, none of the qoutes are from the same movie.
***It wouldn't let me type r@pe on quote 12, so I had to use an @ sign...

1. [1974]
P1: [her eyes get wide] He vould have an enormous schwanzschtücker.
P2: [ponders this a moment] That goes without saying.
P1: Voof.
P3: He's going to be very popular.

2. [2008] Step Brothers ~ answered by @wonderland-er
I have a belly full of white dog crap in me, and now you lay this sh-t on me?

3. [1964] Mary Poppins ~ answered by @bookworm 
Speaking of weather, the other day when it was so cold, a friend of mine went to buy some long underwear. The shopkeeper said to him, "How long do you want it?" And my friend said, "Well, from about September to March."

4. [1964] [2005]
P1: He's having a stroke! 
P2 + 3: What? 

5. [1993]
P1: I bet you like to be in control... 
P2: Yes, like when I was 17, my sister wanted to loan my Def Leppard. I said "No way!".!

6. [2011] Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2 ~ answered by @bookworm 
And his name is {name}, so you might as well use it, he's going to try and kill you either way.

7. [1971] [2005] Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ~ answered by @bookworm 
No other factory in the world mixes its chocolate by waterfall. 
[gently] But it's the only way if you want it just right.

8. [1939] The Wizard of Oz ~ answered by @bookworm 
Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my!

9. [2010]
P1: I believe sucking smoke into your lungs will kill you. 
P2: My physicians say it relaxes the th-throat. 
P1: They're idiots. 
P2: They've all been knighted. 
P1: Makes it official then.

10. [2008]
P1: I used to look like my mom. 
P2: I used to look like two of my moms put together.

11. [2007] Sweeney Todd ~ answered by @theoddling
P1: What is that? 
P2: It's fop, / Finest in the shop. / Or we have shepherd's pie peppered with actual shepherd on top. And I've just begun. Here's the politician, so oily it's served on a doily, have one.

12. [1974]
P1: Qualifications? 
P2: R@pe, murder, arson, and r@pe. 
P1: You said r@pe twice. 
P2: I like r@pe

13. [2011] Paul ~ answered by @wonderland-er
P1: You are an alien! 
P2: To you I am, yes. 
P1: Are you gonna probe us? 
P2: *Why* does everyone always assume that? What am I doing? Am I harvesting farts? How much can I learn from an ass? 

14. [2010] Bounty Hunter ~ answered by @wonderland-er
P1: No, you have got to be kidding! You cannot be putting me in the trunk! You cannot be seri-! 
P2: [shuts the trunk] I'm dead "seri"! 

15. [2009] (500) Days of Summer ~ answered by @bookworm 
[reading a card that {name} has written] Roses are red, violets are blue... F--k you, whore!
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