So recently I've felt like poly's basically becoming dead.

More than usual.

I mean I get we're all busy and have ... lives. gasp [;

just going through some sunday night nostalgia.

so without further ado enjoy some old rp ideas that never came to fruition, never saw the light of day etc. 


- make it work.
a competition party group that I modded with @mathemmatics definitely never met its potential which makes me sad.

- i'm a maneater (this includes a description woop)
so this was my idea inspired by an au for a writing group that never came to fruition. basically cannibalistic serial killer siren gang[; I think it'd make a epic roleplay

- gotham.
okay so this is a rp that's been sitting in my drafts for ageees. i don't have an official description though. or a link to it. basically it's inspired by the batman arkham city video games. it would be so dark and eeeep. i just really love comic based rp's. i'd want to be a cray cray chick in the arkham asylum

happily never after- 
we see all of these rp's with princesses. the good people. but what about the villains? the ones who are painted as the bad guys. what if they're all exiled on this island. days crawl by at a snail's pace. there's only one thing to do, and that's to plot for their revenge. when a unlucky cruise ship passes by they see a magical opportunity for escape. those princesses better watch their backs, the crowns won't be theirs for long. 

the truly divine-
inspired by the FJDSLKFDSJFKLDSJLKFJDS AMAZING book by libba bray. don't have an official description for this. set in the roaring twenties. secret society of upper class flappers with supernatural powers. lots of drama. boys. the usual [;

i have a lot more ideas but i'm too lazy to type so i'll sum a few up in like three words;
-revenge based hampton rp
- totally spies based rp
- a teen wolf rp that'd actually last coughh
- a steampunk detective force working to solve crimes??
- idk
- i should sleep
-but no
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