37/50 paul walker
ne znam zasto nije ranije dosao na red, krasan je :)

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Wrote 7 years ago
Again, love it!

Wrote 7 years ago
ou yeaaaa paul :D meni bu ak ne dr.dejt visoko pozicioniran :D

Wrote 7 years ago
W O W ! ! ! ! ! !

Wrote 7 years ago
svida mi se jako ovo!



Soft, Romantic & Sweet

Soft, Romantic & Sweet

Do you have any sets that are soft, romantic or sweet? Join the Group and show us what you got! Every girl loves a little Romance!
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If Looks Could Kill...

If Looks Could Kill...

Do you have an outfit that could make a girl green with envy? An outfit you would die for...... Or kill for? Submit ONLY your BEST!!! Comment, and fave sets you like!!!!! I want ORIGINAL sets, Not the same ones you see everyday. ONLY clothing! Unique sets. FASHION ONLY. No cookie cutter sets. I want to see the things that make your sets unique.
Contests Often!
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50 Celebrity Dates Challenge

50 Celebrity Dates Challenge

If you have completed the challenge message me!
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ladies, show us your chicalicious sets!

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