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SUNDAY 14TH // As odd as it may sound, Tiki Ti is opening on a Sunday, only for the ladies. Free drinks for the best dressed.

Judas and I were sitting by the bar, on its leather seats, people watching. At least, I was doing so. Girls with teased hair, glittery shoes and flannel shirts. Bad combinations everywhere. 

“Ladies’ nights aren’t really my thing...” I spoke out loud, when it should’ve just been a thought.

I rolled my eyes at crowd of drunken girls, not even able to stand on their feet. I felt bad for them for a second, mostly for their cheap and awful outfits. Disgusting.

“Yeah, mine neither. I usually like events that end with the possibility of having sex,” Judas replied quickly, I laughed. We did have a lot in common.

I reached into my black, oversized leather bag and pulled a hand rolled cigarette from a tin box, I offered one to my girlfriend and she gratefully took it.

For a moment, I considered telling her about my past history with Saul, but it meant explaining too much, even exposing myself. I noticed she had drifted off, she was out, thinking of something.

“What’s on your mind?” I questioned, letting the cigarette out of my mouth playfully. Took me years of practice to be able to make smoke rings.

A man in a Hawaiian shirt, I suppose the bartender, left two glasses of Scotch on both of our sides. Judas smiled to him, as I kept waiting for her response. I felt like letting it drop, but thought it’d be nice to ask.

“Nothing” Judas shrugged. 

“Bollocks. You are a shitty liar, Jude” I said, shaking my head. “See, there you go again!” I sighed. “Please do share what is going on in that bloody mind of yours!”
Judas ran her fingers through her bleached blonde hair.
“Goddammit, Johnny’s getting a fucking divorce,” she hissed. My eyes widened, probably like two volley balls.
“And isn’t that good?” I asked, confused.
“Not in the current circumstances. Melanie walked in on us having sex on her fucking bed!”
And that’s when I bursted out laughing. Judas narrowed her eyes at me but I kept laughing like bonkers.
“Judas, that’s bloody brilliant! She was a slag any who. Hated her guts.” I commented, as if I had known Mel for a lifetime, which I didn’t, but she always seemed to give me a dirty look and I confronted her about it once. 

Judas raised an eyebrow. She clearly didn’t know about that, and nobody else did either.
“Yeah, well things are just weird for me now,” Judas shrugged again. “I didn’t want to be the reason for their divorce.”
I left the cigarette butt on the ashtray in front of me, and turned my stool, facing her completely. Judas had a frustrated expression on her face, I couldn’t help it but down my scotch.

“It was coming! It was bloody coming! You ought to be an utter fool if you didn’t think that marriage was ending!” I said with excitement.
“I know, I know.”
“You can’t blame yourself,” I usually gave shitty advice, mostly because I can’t deal with own life and past, but I gave it a shot for her.
“Thank you,” 
I waved the bartender, so he would come over and take our following order.

“So, I was right?” I asked, in curiosity. I clearly was, but just wanted to make sure.
“About what?” Judas shot me a confused look.
“You were fucking him the whole time!”
“Okay, maybe I was, but was it really that obvious? Wait, nevermind. Pretend I never asked.” we both chuckled.
 “So, what are you guys up to now?” I asked, sipping my drink and actually interested in the conversation which usually didn’t happen, people are too stupid and talk about stupid subjects.
“Well, Johnny had nowhere else to go so he’s moved in with me for now… I don’t know what we’re going to do from here, especially since I can’t really relocate in with him anywhere else…”
“You could! Find a bigger space for the store too” I shrugged, that was actually a great idea.
“That’s a good idea. I’ll take it into consideration, bring it up to Johnny.” I gave her a smile.
“Just don’t let the bloke tell you what to do. You’ve never let anyone do that, and that’s what I’ve always liked about you.” 

And I’m still not 100% fond of Johnny Clapp.
“Hey! You’re that girl that hangs around with Guns N’ Roses, right? And you’re dating that hot guy from Bitter Collision!” a girl in a tight KISS tshirt and old, destroyed sneakers and teased to the sky hair said, I could swear she was drunk.
“Huh, that’s nice and all that you’re trying to kiss our bloody arses and all, but I suggest you just take the high route and leave.”
The girl just stood there, in amusement. She picked her drink from the table and her eyes went from mine to Judas’.
“Just fucking leave,” Judas sighed. 
“Hey! Get me and my friend two shots of Absinthe!” I cried in the direction of the bartender who smirked and got us our drinks.
“What’s the occasion?” He asked.
“We’re celebrating!” I replied in excitement.
“New beginnings, hm?” Judas said as I laughed.

It made me think, mostly since my “new beginning” wasn’t exactly new and I’ve been digging a little too much on the past lately.
I let the thought go before Judas noticed there was something on my mind.
I was far from ready to come clean about anything.
“Don’t get fucking cheesy on me, Judas. But I guess new beginnings will suffice.”
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