☾Phoenix Shroxshire

Bitter Collision was onstage - yet, I never paid any attention to them or their sets, I had lost Judas in the crowd and I was bored.

The line to get backstage was probably a block long, maybe even longer. I laughed at the situation, those thousand girls wanting to get backstage, hoping to be let in - when that wasn’t going to happen.

I strutted all the way to the backstage door, showing off how I was able to get in and they weren’t. Hey, it’s fun messing with people, isn’t it?

Surprisingly enough, no one was backstage, except for Slash. He was wearing leather tight pants, his typical destroyed Chuck Taylors and /my/ favourite Led Zeppelin tee - it’s funny, we have the same one. His curls were all over the place, and for a change, he wasn’t wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night.

“Hi” I greeted Saul, as I sat on the sofa, right next to him.
“Hey there, pretty lady” he greeted me back, smiling as he exhaled cigarette smoke.
“That’s the first compliment I’ve heard you say in years!” I noticed he was acting different lately.
“I’m in the mood, leave me alone!” he complained, jokingly.

I moved a bit closer to him and let my head rest on his shoulder, he automatically started playing with my long, blonde hair. 

A few minutes later, Slash kissed my forehead, then, suddenly, the door slammed open and we had no time to move.

“Oh hey guys!” thank god it was Tim, he was too naive or maybe too nice. “What are you doing?”
“Uh...” Slash hesistated, “I was checking if she had a fever-”
“Yeah, I feel really bad” I interrupted, “ What should I take, Timmy?” 
“I have Tylenol, somewhere in my bag, look for it. I gotta run” he replied, picking up Duff’s bass from the floor and ran out the door, but in less than a minute, he was back. “By the way, Slash, you’ll be onstage in twenty minutes”

“Well, that does give us some time...” and when I even gave it a thought, he had already positioned himself on top of me. 
“What if Tim walks in again?” I asked, a bit concerned.
“We’ll tell him we are playing doctor!” he replied, as if he didn’t care at all. I giggled.
“If you say so...” 

There was already no way out, so it didn’t take much until I pulled him closer and we started kissing. Yet it didn’t last long.

“Uhm... hi guys” spoke a very familiar voice. 

My eyes widened as I moved Saul so I could see who was talking.

“Uh.. hi Izz...” I greeted him awkwardly.
“HOLY SHIT IZZY” Slash stood up very quickly.
“I was just going to tell you we are on in five” he commented, laughing.
“This stays here. In this room...” Slash warned’ Izzy, who laughed again.
“So... it’s more than just a random hook up? WHAT?!” he asked, curiously and at the same time, mocking us. I think the answer was on my very red cheeks.
“Bloody bastard caught us” I cross my arms over my chest and noticed the dress’ zipper as a bit... unzipped.
“Official?” he asked curious but Saul and I said nothing. “Oh... I get it now!”

Saul walked out of the room, picking his guitar on the way out. 

“Thank you” I said under my breath, sarcastically. B*tch left me all alone, dealing with the uncomfortable questions. Izzy laughed. “You have a bionic ear, huh?” I asked, standing up and fixing my dress and hair. He nodded.

“No worries, love. I’m a tomb” he stretched his arm, and I shook his hand. Izzy did weird things like those.
“What was that for?” I laughed.
“Getting you in a better mood and for luck!” he said, leaving the room.
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