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Appearing in Goblet of Fire as the band playing at the Yule Ball are the Weird Sisters, a popular all male group with songs such as ‘Do the Hippogriff,’ ‘Magic Works,’ and ‘This is the Night.’

“Shake your booty like a boggart in pain”

70 Theme Harry Potter Challenge
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Wrote 5 years ago
Wow!!! This is amazing!!! I love!

Wrote 5 years ago
pretty :)

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Wrote 5 years ago



Soft, Romantic & Sweet

Soft, Romantic & Sweet

Do you have any sets that are soft, romantic or sweet? Join the Group and show us what you got! Every girl loves a little Romance!
If you have any sets that are flirty, girly and sweet submit them to this group! It's fun to be a girl! show those vintage style sets with a girly flare! Everyone is welcome! Please no violence/nudity/profanity in this group!
Thank You all for Joining! Tell your friends! :)
Keep spreading the word! I ♥ looking at your beautiful sets!!

70 Theme Harry Potter Challenge

70 Theme Harry Potter Challenge

Ok guys! Here it is! The Original 70 theme Harry Potter challenge! Ten themes for each book/movie!
Try to complete them all! Interpret them how you'd like and be CREATIVE!
Please number them, and add them to the group!
Once you have finished please message a moderator, and we shall post your name below!
1. Harry Potter
2. The Dursleys
3. Platform 9 3/4
4. The Mirror of Erised
5. Hermione
6. Ron
7. The path to the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone
8. Quirrel
9. Quidditch
10. The Sorting Hat
11. Dobby
12. The Whomping Willow
13. Gilderoy Lockhart
14. The Duelling Club
15. Polyjuice Potion
16. Aragog
17. Tom Riddle
18. The Basilisk
19. Ginny Weasley
20. Draco Malfoy
21. The Knight Bus
22. Dementors
23. Boggarts
24. Lupin
25. Sirius Black
26. Buckbeak
27. The Grim
28. Reversing Time
29. The Marauder's Map
30. Peter Pettigrew
31. Portkey
32. The Dark Mark
33. The Triwizard Tournament
34. The First Task
35. The Second Task
36. The Third Task
37. Unforgiveable Curses
38. Mad-Eye Moody
39. The Yule Ball
40. He's Back!
41. The Advance Guard
42. Grimmauld Place
43. The Order of the Phoenix
44. Umbridge
45. St. Mungo's
46. Occlumency
47. Dumbledore's Army
48. Thestrals
49. Beyond The Veil
50. The Prophecy
51. The Unbreakable Vow
52. Snape
53. Felix Felicis
54. Borgin and Burkes
55. Weasley's Wizard Wheezes
56. Inferi
57. The Locket
58. The Lightning-Struck Tower
59. The Half-Blood Prince
60. Dumbledore
61. The Seven Potters
62. The Tale of the Three Brothers
63. Godric's Hollow
64. The Silver Doe
65. The Prince's Tale
66. The Deathstick
67. The Resurrection Stone
68. The Invisibility Cloak
69. Memorial
70. Epilogue

Beautiful and Feminine

Beautiful and Feminine

Hi,everyone Beautiful and feminine group are welcome not only faminine style you can submit all style you want.
This group is an only small group here in polyvore ,we hope you can share fashion ,art ,style,sharing trend and enjoy our contest everyweek 3-7 day let's have fun and enjoy with us ^-^
Winning collection Vol.1
Winning collection vol.2
Winning collection vol.3
Winning collection Vol.4
Winning collection Vol.5
Winning collection Vol.6

50 Harry Potter Challenge

50 Harry Potter Challenge

I love Harry Potter, books and movies, so I decided to create this challenge for all the people who think like me. It's free, you can use art or fashion sets but follow the list-
After completing the list, please create a collection titled, "HP Challenge," PM me the link and I'll put you on the hall of fame + fave every set. Thanks and have fun ♥
1. Harry Potter
2. Hermione Granger
3. Ron Weasley
4. Ginny Weasley
5. Neville Longbottom
6. Luna Lovegood
7. Dumbldore
8. Voldemort
9. Snape
10. Weasley Family
11.Harry + Cho
12. Ron + Lavender
13. Hermione + Krum
14. Harry + Ginny
15. Ron + Hermione
16. Favourite Couple
17. Favourite Quote
18. Favourite Sidekick
19. Favourite Pet
20. Favourite Moment in the Philosopher's Stone
21. Favourite Moment in the Chamber of Secrets
22. Favourite Moment in the Prisoner of Azkaban
23. Favourite Moment in the Goblet of Fire
24. Favourite Moment in the Order of Phoenix
25. Favourite Moment in the Half Blood Prince
26. Favourite Moment in the Deathly Hallows
27. Favourite Overall Moment
28. Favourite Movie
29. Favourite Villain
30. Most Beautiful Character (male)
31. Most Beautiful Character (female)
32. Best Look
33. Trio (Ron + Harry + Hermione)
34. Gryffindor
35. Hufflepuff
36. Ravenclaw
37. Slytherin
38. Favourite Place
39. Funniest Moment
40. Favourite Magical Item
41. Favourite Party/Ball
42. Favourite Auror
43. Favourite Teacher
44. Favourite Ghost
45. Daniel Radcliffe
46. Emma Watson
47. Rupert Grint
48. Tom Felton
49. Bonnie Wright
50. FREE (it's up to you)
My Collection:
Hall of Fame
- Kristina J.K.H.:
-Le journal des secret
-Arlete Ventura
-♥Ruh Pattinson-Leto♥
- {εℓιzαbεţнмαℓfoy’}ϟ.♥
- carlybieber
- xox-hayleybelle


9th place in group contest: Harry Potter & Twilight

9th place in group contest: Harry Potter & Twilight

473 sets from 11 members. Ended 5 years ago.
Enter your Harry Potter and Twilight sets!
You have 3 days and no limit :)

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