Artist/Band: Foreigner
Featured Song: Hot Blooded
Album/EP: Double Vision
Sunday. March 23, 2014

:: Requirements ::
☛ Use your House colours [+2 points]
☛ Add a photo of your favourite character from your House [+3 points]
The twins and Sirius Black
☛ In the description write how your personality fits with your House [+3 points]
"You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;"
I tend to be the brave one in my group of friends, if there's anything remotely scary ahead of us I'm the one in the front just to test the waters; another thing is that I stand for what is right and true, even when no one believes if it is the the truth. 
☛ Tag your team [+1 point]
Head Boy :: @water-the-wilted :: Lee [+33 points]
@angeltomlinson :: Angel [+7 points]
@heywuzup :: Andrea [+23 points]
@bored-chic-1002 :: Evalanna
@raelee-xoxo :: Raelee
@rebekahcamilleri :: Rebekah
☛ Tag @this-girl-on-fire and @taking-over-me [+1 point]
Total Points :: 10 / 10 points
:: Extra Points ::
(( These can only be added to your score if you have completed all the Requirements ))
☛ Add an outfit relating to your House [+3 points]
☛ Use stripes [+2 points]
☛ Incorporate a Wand ( Can be a single image of it or someone holding one ) [+3 points]
the image on the right above the stripes has a wand
☛ Incorporate the House Animal ( e.g. Slytherin; snake ) [+5 points]
In the upper left hand corner, there is a poster that says "proud to be a gryffindor" and that has the house lion
Total Extra Points 13 / 13 Points

another set in spired by @/lillyisanarwal
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