@lenasupernatural thanks for introducing me to the 30 day challenge! while i was randomly stalking your sets I saw it and thought hey, I'm going to try this!! I hope I can do it!! Danke!

P.s. sorry this set is really bad:/
Day 1: 5 ways to win my heart:

*Make me smile and laugh when Im in a bad mood
*Still making face when I’m already mad or upset with him.
*Watch MY favorite movies with me all the time even when we both know he hates it.
*Always make me feel like I'm doing everything right even when I'm not.
*Little things. like Surprising me out of the blue or buying me my favorite ice cream or coming to my house unexpectedly with flowers. or driving to my house in the middle of the night or kissing me in the pouring rain. I want my life to be like the Notebook. Thats what i want from someone. I want someone to love me like noah loves allie.
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