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my simple guilty pleasures (:

1 drink a glass of green tea
2 take a nice long walk alone. somewhere scenic and relaxing
3 take a bath while burning a nicely scented candle
4 do some yoga poses
5 when you are about to lay down to fall asleep put your head down lightly on the pillow and close your eyes
6 keep a do to list so you never forget anything
7 go on a quick run. not more than 20 minutes
8 clean out your items (on polyvore) and organize them
9 make a collection of anything from pretty sets to dream wardrobe to summer pictures (:
10 paint your nails / toe nails
11 smile
12 cuddle with a pet
13 take a power nap 20 minutes tops
14 draw a picture
15 write a poem
16 write a story
17 go in your closets and make outfits
18 organize your items
19 make something
20 wash your hands and feel clean
21 wake up a few minutes earlier the next morning so you can get off to a good start!
22 get inspired (: look at beach pictures or cute outfits!
23 eat some blueberries (: healthiest food in the world!
24 give a compliment
25 put on sweats or pjs and just chill (:
26 take a hot shower
27 visualize yourself happy for 5 minutes
28 get flowers for your room
29 listen/ play/ write music!
30 invite a friend over

hope i helped!
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