ahh 400th set! Thanks everyone for the likes and views!! sorry the the awk shaped set i started it in the app so thats why. Happy 2013 to everybody and merry christmas to everyone who celebrated it. i got a lot for christmas such as...
-white\grey north face denali
-ugg moccasins
-navy blue toms
-combat boots
-nail polish
-hair wash
-jamie pants
- 2 pairs of sweatpants
-1 sweatshirt
-1 jacket
-3 or 4 pairs of leggings
-sweater and cardigan
-itunes money
-2 magazine subsciptions
-five guys gift card
-friendlys gift card
-elvis presley cup
-one direction stuff
-taylor swift condert tickets
-bundt pan(my old one broke i love to bake)
-cupcake liners
-body wash
-salon certificate
-ipod case
-mockingjay pin aha
-jeans and jeggings
-and more that i cant remember
yeah i got a lot, btw i do not mean to brag! sorry for not being on! 
Ahhh i want one direction tickets soooooooo bad!!! but they're all either 300$ minimum or sold out:( i love the boys soooooo much it is not even funny like i cant even handle it! BTW i need to see nialls mankini! theyre sooo amazing and i love them more than i love food, and thats love man, true friggin love! i dont have anything to fangirl about right now and i'm really disappointed because i dont know what to do now because thats all i do! ive already fangirld about everything right now for today but one direction is so hot and sexy and zayns birthday is in less than 10 days!! i cant believe he is going to be 20 soon!!! i feel like they were on the x factor like this morning!! man time flies!! (found something to fangirl about) I am so so so so so proud of them and i love them so much!
soo yeah and i didnt want to go back to school because everyone sucks except like 2 people:(
ugh school is so so so annoying! all the teachers assign so much homework and quizzes like everyday! and its not even like its easy either, its hard. well i am stupid soo yeahh. ugh i have gym tommorow for encore and i dont want it. idk why cuz i usually like gym but idk im just laaazzzyyyyy. sooo how is everyone? sorry for the lack of sets im very busy and lazy and kinda running out of inspo. and sorry for the crappy set! idk why but im supeerrrr cold right now and my house has the heat on and it is 70 degrees in here! anywayy idk what else to talk about sooo yeahh. oh and my condolences to all of the victims in the Connecticut shooting! 
wow i wrote a lot! ill give you 10 likes if you read all of this. this is kinda like my diary lolol. comment or message me if you did and ill like your shizz nit. 
over again/ one direction
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