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    Through My Looking Glass is a weekly photoblog dedicated to the art of photography.
  • Antique Fiction Book Rare // Girl of the Limberlost // First Edition
    This is a VERY RARE first edition print, in Canada, of "A Girl of the Limberlost" by Gene Stratton Porter. It features a soft suede leather cover and was printed in 1912 in Canada. The cover will bend easily since it is a soft suede, so do not mistaken this for a hardcover. Suede is rare to be in such good condition as this book is for being 100 years old!! The cover is soft to the touch, just like suede. The book is in overall good condition. There are a few marks on the front of the cover, but no major damage. The other defect is that the first two pages are separating from the other pages, but the two pages are still attached to the cover, so they are not loose and will not fall out. The book also features two illustrated pages, one in the front and one in chapter 24 of the book. This book comes from a smoke-free home.