Thank you so much for 100 followers! I've had so much fun in the 3 short months I've been publishing sets on Polyvore and all of you added to my experience ^_^ Sorry the set is kind of ugly, I just wanted to make a set that showed off my personal fashion style--tank tops, cardigans, jeans and Converse :)

Now I have some tags to answer~ 
1) always post the rules
2) answer these 11 questions, tag the person who tagged you, write your own 11 questions and
3) tag 11 new people

1) Who was your very first KPop bias?
-->I don't remember honestly. I'd count Onew and Daesung as my first official biases and Himchan as my first ultimate bias!
2) How did you start liking KPop?
-->My sister's friend showed me Doushite and Haru Haru and I really liked both songs and MVs
3) If you could be an idol, what agency would you want to be under?
-->First of all I would not like to be an idol, but I would choose JYP. JYP seems less restrictive as compared to other companies (ie: trainees go to summer camp vacation, Sunye got married, etc). Although JYP groups aren't top tier groups, they have just the right amount of attention I would like to receive for my group ^^ Also you can tell JYP Nation has a good bond because members of different groups always attend each others events and post pictures together on SNS~ Even JYP himself! xD And, come on. Look at JYP Nation's official picture
Fun fact: my sister was scouted for Cube Ent.
4) What type (concept) of KPop idol would you be (ex: -sexy, harsh, ghetto, etc)?
-->I don't like to use the term ghetto in KPop because I feel like it's not...respectful I guess? (I know this is not how you intended it to be but I just wanted to put it out there~) KPop only imitates what they think "ghetto" would be. Realistically, slums, poverty and crime are not things to be imitated. But if you're referring to the Hip Hop style then that's the type of concept I'd like to have because I like Hip Hop music :3 But I'd just want to be in a group that makes good music without needing a specific concept @-@/ (like Spica!)
5) If you went to Korea, what would be the number 1 thing on your list to do?
-->Go sight seeing of course :D
6) What KPop idol do you look up the most to as inspiration and why? 
-->BANG. YONG. GUK. I've already ranted about why I respect him so basically--Talent. Charity. Passion. Kind. Hard working.
7) If you could be an idol's Noona or Unnie, who would it be?
-->I'm young so I'd hope there aren't any idols younger than me :P Can Haru count? lol. Fine. I guess Zelo because he's cute and I want to feed him cookies
8) Girl groups or Boy groups? (Choose your preference)
-->Boy groups! I do like many girl groups too, though x]
9) How much time you spend a week on average on Polyvore? 
-->Maybe 2-3 hours?
10) What is the most awkward thing about KPop (specific event, in general, you choose)
-->I'm not sure what you mean by awkward...but I'll list features in KPop I don't like--repetitive concepts (sexy [not confident, that's different] concepts yawn), forced aegyo, racism, sexism, shade-ism, the fact that a lot of things are scripted, restriction of freedom, etc.
11) Who is your current bias?
-->Kim to the Him diva Chan

I was also tagged by someone else but this is already lengthy so I'll answer it in my next post! :)

My Questions:
(They don't have to be KPop related right)(I'm going to ask really random questions)
1. What is your dream job?
2. Are you more of a talker or listener?
3. Talk about your bias and why he/or she is your bias (plz don't say for their looks omg)
4. What is your dream city to live in and why?
5. If you had 5 plane tickets to anywhere in the world what places would you want them to take you?
6. Between amazing singing ability, dancing ability, or instrument ability, which would you choose if it made you horrible in the others?
7. Do you want kids? How many? Would you consider adopting?
8. Do you want to get married?
9. Would you rather join a circus or work on a farm?
10. Would you rather meet your bias or meet an Internet friend (safely :))
11. Would you rather take a trip to the city or take a trip to the tropics?

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February 28, 2014
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