do we all do that? Define God as we want him to be and then insist that he lives in that box we made? I know I do. I try not to but I do.

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Wrote three years ago
Gorgeous set - love the colours!

Wrote three years ago
Yes, I think we probably do (even when we try not to.) Good thought for the day.

Wrote three years ago
agree!! :D

Wrote three years ago
This is so beautiful.. xoxo





This group is for your abstract and/or abstraction art sets which states as art that is: “a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art. This departure from accurate representation can be only slight, or it can be partial, or it can be complete.”
No fashion or realistic sets. No dolls unless they fit a truly abstract concept.

Christian Artists

Christian Artists

This is a group for polyvore artists who are Christian, and like to make really artistic sets. I encourage artistic sets to be submitted ... good art ... Welcome to the new members and God bless you!

Emotions Expressed Through Art

Emotions Expressed Through Art

This art group is for everyone who loves to create art sets based on their feelings, thoughts, ideas, imagination, creativity and emotions.
If you're an art lover and want to inspire, entice, capture others, then this is the perfect group to join, submit and create beautiful and unique art sets for everyone to see and enjoy!
As much we love fashion sets, this is an art group. Therefore we only allow art sets in our group.
Hope you all have a wonderful time!
Lady Celina and BebeD

Old Farts (folks) on Polyvore

Old Farts (folks) on Polyvore

All you have to do to join is be old and proud of it. We can have Old Fart (folk) contests and enjoy our grey hairs and great wisdom. We can also prove that Polyvore is a place for ALL ages! Please no fashion sets - they will be removed unless they are truly works of art!

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