She turned around when she saw me headed her way. "Hey, Liv,"
 "Hey, Lyric, hey everybody." I looked to see everyone had followed behind me.
 "What are you doing here in Chicago? I mean if you're not here for Mic and Erich's engagement party?"
 "Uhm, my dad had a heart attack, so I came here to see him."
 "Is he alright?" She gave a simple nod. "Oh, that's good. Who's this?" I asked looking at the sexy specimen beside her and giving him my flirtatious smile.
 "This is my brother... Landon. Landon, this is Lyric and that's Joey, Jax, Crims, Sawyer, Kegan, Cher, Evan, Nico, Tristan," she said hesitantly "Erich and Mic" she mumbled something inaudible. 
"Excuse you, Liv?" Mic spoke up.
 "Nothing, your highness." Forget there drama, I was more interested in the man standing beside her.
 He gave me a handshake. "So Landon, do you think we'll see you again?" Okay, so I flirt a lot. Sue me? 
"Well, maybe, I'm moving to New York, with Liv."
 "Well, I hope we'll see you around." I said as Landon and Liv turned to leave. 
"Flirt," Mic said to me with a laugh.
"But he way hot," Cher chimed in. I heard Evan clear his throat playfully. "But not hotter than you of course," she said taking his hand and skating off. 
I looked to see Tristan shaking his head playfully. "What?" I asked innocently.
"Maybe your just like your mother," he sang the line to Prince song. Everyone chuckled, but me. 
" you." And I skated off. 
"What did I say?" I heard Tristan ask I skated off.

"Your just like you momma." 
I looked at my aunt standing over me yelling in my face, "You not gonna be good for sh.t, except laying on you back!"
I want lie and say she didn't have a point to be mad at me. I'd just been caught f.cking Idris in her room. Ipso facto, her anger was valid. But her comment, not acceptable. I'd never admit, but those words cut me deep. I wasn't like my mother, me and Idris were gonna be together forever. I mean, how could we not? We were perfect for each other? 
"You are no better than my mom. You think sleeping you mother's husband is any better? H.ll no. You think having a baby by your step father is f.cking okay? H.ll no! You think-"
She slapped me before I could complete my sentence. I immediately grabbed my stinging cheek. 
"I hope you f.cking die, b.tch."

I was on the floor with my math book open, not really doing any work. I was half-a.ssed doing equations when my pops walked through the door and asked me what happened at my aunt's. Apparently, she called him. So I raised up and sat indian style and told him the whole story. My parents and I had an open door policy, so nothing was rarely ever held back.
"You did what?" my father laughed. 
So I repeated it. 
"You know I never like your b.tch of an aunt," he said taking a puff from his cigar. I thought that statement was funny since it was his sister. I looked at my father sitting across from me in his favorite chair. "So where's mom?"
"Vegas." I nodded up and down. So in case you don't know, my mother was my father's ho. Actually, she was his only ho. And I mean that with utmost respect. 
"Oh," I said jumping up.
"What?" my pops asked in a panic.
"My f.cking cookies," I shrieked. They were completely burned. Yes, I couldn't cook worth sh.t. 
"That's probably Idris," I said when I heard the buzzer, alerting someone was outside our building. I ran to my room to get out of these sweats. I quickly put on a pair of tight jeans, pushed my breast up, and walked out my room. I walked in the living room to see Idris seating on my couch, eating a burnt cookie. I smiled as I took a seat next to him. Yes, we were gonna be together forever.

Clearly, I was dumb girl in love. I shook my head at the stupid memory. 
"Hey, sorry about-" Tristan said. I didn't even see him take a spot next to me.
"It's alright. Sorry for snapping at you." I skated away again. 
I'm not like my mother. I'm not like my mother. I'm not like my mother.
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