"Hurry the h.ll up," I said behind Sawyer doing the pee-pee dance.
"I can't find the hole," I heard him laugh.
"Never knew that was a problem. That explains a lot," I laughed. Of course I was lying. I continued to hop from one leg to the other. My mind drifted back to the fashion show. I know I've seen Dana somewhere, but I just couldn't put my f.cking finger on it. It was clear her and Mic were going to have problems. I wonder-
"Ugh, finally," I said running past Sawyer towards the ladies room. I'd just had my knickers down when I begin to tinkle. After handling my business, I excited the bathroom. I walked in the living room to see him sitting on the couch. 
"Strip." He blew cigarette smoke in the air.
With a coy grin plastered on my face, I took off my biker jacket and threw it to the side. I unbuttoned my shorts, and slowly and seductively wiggled them down my hips; next, went the corst. Standing in nothing put panties and heels, I took on a mock-model pose, "think I could be a supermodel?" I began to walk my own version of the cat walk; stopping in front of him with said pose. 
"Yeah, than I can practice my aim on your pictures." We shared a laugh.
"So I hear I need to work on my oral," I said kneeling in front of him. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled at his beautiful I looked up at him as I began to stroke. "So tonight, I want to have" With that I took him into my mouth.
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