[dude, sexual warning. and this story did not turn out how i pictured it. but i was like eff. so enjoy anyway lovelies] 


"Now what?"
"Laser tag." I suggested.
"LASER TAG. Girls vs boys. We'll fucking kick a.ss." I said excitedly, almost tipping over. Yes, I was f.cking wasted! Insert smiles here.
"I'd rather go f.ck." Sawyer said catching me just before I hit the ground. "I don't think you're in the best state to play laser tag."
"F.ck you, we're playing laser tag." I said sticking my tongue out at him. I stood up and straightened out my dress, "right Barbie?"

"You can't go anywhere, you're caught," Sawyer said in his cool voice. I looked around he was right. The only way to get out, was to go around him. 
I aimed my laser at him. "You wouldn't shoot me would you?" 
"Give me a reason why I shouldn't." Sawyer asked with a mischievous grin on his face, still holding his laser gun at me. 
"I'll do whatever you want," i slurred in my best seductive voice i could muster. 
"Put the laser down, tun around, and put your hands on the wall."
I did as I was told. "Spread your legs." After making me take off my gear, I suddenly felt his hands on my body. Starting from my breast, he began to pat me down. I let out a giggle.
"Shut up. Any other weapons I should know about?"
"No sir," I answered sheepishly.
I felt his a hand slowly coming up each leg, causing me to let out a moan. I through my head back in ecstasy as he begin to attack my neck with his tongue.
"I don't think you are suppose to do that officer." I said breathlessly.
He roughly grabbed my the hair and pinned me further to the wall. Pushing my panties to the side, he inserted two fingers. Then three. My breathing was now labored. 
"Oh gosh. F.ck me," I moaned out. Removing, his fingers, he spun me around and picked up against the wall. I looked over his shoulder to see we had a crowd. I tapped his shoulder, alerting him of our lil audience. He laughed, "No need to stop now."
I hope you all enjoyed the show. Insert smiles here.
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