"So today with Naked Barbie we have the Veronicas. State your name ladies, for those who don't know."
"I heard you were gay," Mic said to the blond twin. Well that's getting straight to the nitty gritty. If I didn't know any better, I would swear she was drunk. I gave her a quizzical look.
"That was the most ridiculously degrading thing to say," Jess replied.
I laughed, "Are you ashamed of your sexuality?"
"If a celebrity doesn't come out and make a statement about their sexuality they're a ‘‘fake lesbian." What happened to privacy? People say we set up shots — we have people stalking us with cameras all the time. Are you f.cking kidding me?"
"Quite touchy aren't we?" Mic said with a hiccup. This b.tch is drunk. I laughed some more.
"I'm not going to be tricked into feeling like I have to make a statement about something because everyone wants confirmation. I'll just live my life how I want. If they want to call me a fake lesbian and degrade my sexuality and my choices, go ahead, I'll just ignore it."
"Aw, and I was just telling Mic she should try women." I let out a giggle.
"No, that wouldn't work," Mic begin, "well, if you dyed your hair back to black, we could possibly have a future together. Your not a sexy blonde." She looked over at at Lisa. "Do you lick p.ssy too?" she asked innocently.
I doubled over laughing, as I watched Jess storm out the station, with Lisa on her heels. I immediately went to a music break.
"Mic. My office. NOW." Carter stormed into the studio.
"Someone's in trouble," I taunted.
"Not my fault she's a closet lesbian," Mic mumbled before she stumbled behind a furious Carter.
After the music break. "Well folks, unfortunately the interview with the Veronica's didn't go so well," I said with amusement in my voice. So I guess now I'm taking callers." I pressed the button to allow the first caller through.
"You're on with the f.cking amazing Lyric; state your name for New York."
"Nikki," came the voice. "First, I wanna say I love the Naked Barbie Hour."
"We aim to f.cking please."
She continued, "I completely agree with Mic. If she's not a lesbian, why get so defensive. I mean don't get me wrong, I love their music. But I think it's sad she can't come out the closet."
I laughed, "I concur. I guess she's embarrassed."
I took the next caller as Mic came back in, grabbed her things, and left without saying a word. I looked through the window to see Carter still pacing back and forth.
"State your name,babe."
"How are you, Kitty?"
"I'm fine. I just wanna say For the love of all things lesbian!! Girlfriend needs to get over herself. You're hostility gives the rest of us a bad name."
I giggled, "So would you date Jess?"
"Hell yeah. And I have to disagree with Mic, I love blondes. Although, I think you are quite sexy too, Lyric."
"Are you hitting on me," I asked with laughter.
"Yes, I think you should let me take you out."
"Well, what do you look like," I responded entertaining her.
"Like Kate Voegele, but with red hair."
"You know what, you catch me on a drunk day and we might can do something."
She laughed. "Don't tease me, baby."
I giggle, "Have a nice day, Kitty."

Yes, I love Lucy. And Lucy loves me.
I reached for the ringing phone. Sh.t, I knocked over my drink. "Yeah?" I yawned. "That was a nice act you pulled today."
"How was I supposed to know that telling the bi sister that if she dyed her hair back to black, we could possibly have a future together would be offending?"
I laughed, "I think it was when you asked the other sister if she ever licked p.ssy that got you kicked out."
"Most likely." She got quiet. "Erich wants me to go to his party tomorrow."
I sat up. "No."
"No?" She questioned shock. "Why not, mom?"
"Give. Him. Time." I stressed. I headed to my closet. "I'll be there in 10 minutes. We're going for a little ride. By tomorrow night, if you decided you still want to go to the party then I'll personally bring you."
She sighed. "K."
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