Exhausted. That’s probably the best word to describe myself right now. Mentally and physically exhausted. It’s so hard to pretend.Pretending to be fine, happy, smiling, laughing pretending I am ok. It’s so draining. There is no colour in my
face, no shine to my eyes, and my smile appears so forceful. I’m nothing. I feel like I am going to explode, there are so many emotions gurgling inside my mind
that are screaming and clawing their way through the gaps in my apparently not so perfect act. And I’m scared - not for being this way, I’m so dreadfully used to that, the numbness, the self loathing, this mental hell I go through without barely uttering a complaint. I’m just scared for what will happen next. My mind is telling me I’m not strong enough for this anymore, I’ve fallen down and I know I will do so again.

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