Hi. Well, I wanted to make a set to annouce that I won't be on for the next two weeks, starting off on January 17th and coming back February 4th. I'm traveling to New York+Boston and I might get on to reply to some PMs but that's about it. I'm super excited and want to enjoy this trip to the max without /anything/ getting on the way.

As for roleplays, none of them are being exactly active except Drifting Youth, I believe. I really want to see that Jordan+Fitz fight! (@pentax and @threnodies - because it would be badass - and I want Winter to be there when it happens!!)
After that, whenever you guys decide it will happen, Wintz is disappearing off the face of Earth until I get back, which, hopefully, will add some drama and spice things up!

For Stardust Sanctuary, which is not a roleplay! @gothicity I am so sorry I won't be here these first two weeks! Hopefully, once I'm back I can catch up on sets or contests, whatever happens!

And I think that's about it. I am working on a group currently, but that's no big deal and I have a few more *sad* announcements for when I get back, but I'll wait til March for that.

I hope you have two wonderful weeks and don't miss me too much.

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