I think it's time.

I just signed up to take three college classes* (instead of two, like I was planning to) plus my high school classes of senior year.

In Universidad de Buenos Aires (the uni I plan to attend to) has this program called "cbc" which you have to take to start the actual carreer (it counts as freshman year in college, though) and the cbc itself has another program that allows you to take three of those classes while you are in senior year to speed things up - which is what I'm about to do.

I'm scared as f*ck and I never thought I would be scared to grow up - being 22 years old and living the 22 year old life has always been a dream to me for some odd reason... but there are lots of things to do before I even turn that age.

Back to the point, I will start taking this classes in March, I believe or maybe April. Until that day comes, I have time. Time for what? To waste my hours in front of the computer, to play with Photoshop, to /roleplay/ - which is why I'm making this set.

Roleplay has been part of my life for four years in the Polyvore community and about two or three extra years (even before I joined) in Stardoll. It's been super fun and I've loved every single minute of it since it taught me so much: from how to write stories to vocabulary I had never ever heard of or as a foreigner to the english language, it sort of helped a lot to practice my english. 

Unfortunately, once March/April starts, I'm in doubt of how much time I will have to roleplay. I decided I would take from March til June and test out how senior year + cbc program works and if I see I have some time in there I can use to keep roleplaying, then life will be great. But if not, then I suppose it will be a goodbye (hopefully not from the Polyworld itself!).

Okay, I just wanted to say this before March came and I get all the school craziness, you know?

I love you all,
xo, B.

Ps.Hopefully, if I ever plan to leave Polyvore, I will announce it and share my Facebook for those who I'd like to stay in touch with... but that's not the case, yet.
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