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Monday. January 19, 2015

Got tagged forever ago by someone (I have a whole bunch, sorry for the butt load of tags lately):

a- available: no
b- birthday: July 1
c- crushing on: Cute guy
d- drink you last had: Coffee
e- easiest person to talk to: My brother
f- favorite song: currently it's I Want A Woman by Ratt
g - gummy bears or gummy worms: I like both, but at the moment gummy bears sound pretty dang amazing.
i - in love with: Cute guy <3 <3
k - killed someone: No
l - longest car ride: I don't know/remember. I'll just throw a number out and say 9 hours.
m - milkshake favour: Egg Nog or Cookies & Cream
n - number of siblings: 2 
o - one wish: To get to heaven when I die
p - person that you talked to last: My daddy
r - reason to smile: I get to live another day 
s - song you last sang: Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting (by Elton John)
t - time you woke up: 5am
u - underwear color: Not telling you
v - vegetable: What does this even mean?
w - worst habit: leaving my hair up in a messy bun while it's still damp after showering
x - x-rays you've had: teeth for dentists and probably others
y - years living where you live: 5+ years
z - zodiac sign: Gemini (but I know I'm cancer)
favorite animal: baby elephants and giraffes
what color do you wear most?: Black or dark colors
least favorite color: Orange
what are you listening to: Right as Rain by Adele
can you whistle?: kinda sort not really (but I'm working on it)
do you believe in miracles?: yep
do you believe in magic?: No.
love at first sight?: sure
do you believe in santa?: St. Nicholas yes. Santa, no.
do you like roller coasters?: YES! Roller coaster junkie
have you ever been on a plane?: Yep
have you ever been to the ocean?: Yes.
what was the last thing you bought?: A bunch of school stuff like notebooks and highlighters
what was the last thing on tv you watched on tv?:
Princess Bride
do you cry when you get an injury?: Sometimes
do songs make you cry?: It's been known to do so
are you a happy person?: sure
what is your current hair color?: Red to blonde ombre
your eye color?: brown
short or long hair?: Long
height?: 5'7"

I tag: @blackberry-lemonade @jupiter-hale @anne-mclayne @elainesabine @gryffindor-girl @dear-scone @relephant @kamakira @thug-lyfe @natjulieta 

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