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Sunday. August 31, 2014

Oh man, I just had the biggest kick in the nostalgia today. After church my brother and I were looking up various videos on youtube for various old N64 games and boss battles for newer games. After that we looked at old youtubers that we used to follow- rather that I followed- I'm fairly certain that he still follows some of them. Anyways, it was mostly old Meekakitty, Nanalew, Joey Graceffa, and Luke Conrad videos from like 3+ years ago. Any of you remember Wizard Love? It's over 3 years old now. I remember thinking how weird it was when the song was only one year old! Man, it was weird but cool at the same time.
p.s. if you saw my last set (What I wear at work) then you should know that I'm going to make similar sets for pretty much any style out there. Please comment a style that you'd like to see :D
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