tons of homework. tons seriously.
and i have to make a presentation about germany for geography... 
weekend, please!

i was tagged by @chocco in her great set:

coloured your hair: nope

habla espanol: como estas? i dont speak spanish though

sprechen sie deutsch: ja, ein bisschen 

have friends you've lost touch with: yes :(

feel happy? noo because of school and tommorows biology test

wish you could fly away.. far, far away? new yorkkkk yes <3 but i dont want to live far away from my friends, family

believe in god? yes

could you live without the computer? yes but hardly hahahahah (of course yes)

what's your favorite candy?: chocolateeee <3 but i like almost all kinds of sweets

whats your favorite fruit?: blueberry and strawberry and peach

sunrise or sunset?:sunset! i'm not a morning person

trust others way too easily?: I don't think so

are your fingers cold?: yes! 

coke or pepsi: coke
this morning i was: having my breakfast and went to school 

im afraid of: snakes! and being very ill

i dream about: travel, great studies, to go to good high school, to be an architect and many moreeeeeeee :)

have you ever...
pictured a crush naked?:nooooo 

been in love: hmmm what you mean: be in relationship or just fell in love?

flowers or candy: hehe depends

with the opposite sex...
what do you notice first?: clothes, face, hair, smile idk

last person you slow danced with: in primary school with my classmate lol

favourite physical feature: i dont knowwwwww 

favourite personality quality: sense of humour, honesty

tall or short: tall but it's not the most important thing right?

makes you laugh the most? friends the most, some tv shows 

makes you smile? it can be everyone 

gives you a funny feeling when you see them: idk some friends maybe

is it easier talk to boys or girls?: it doesnt matter it depends on the person really but i suppose i talk more to girls

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