Third tryout for Roulette and Cigarettes. 

{clemence felicia dellal}
This quiet english-rose is in love with only nature. Nobody knows the Dellal family or where Clemence came from but she seems to have all the money in the world. 
Don't be mistaken, this girl is not only a tree-hugger, but a FORCE of nature. She is cruel and devious. She's never liked humans in general, so when you get close to her, she might undermine your reputation for no apparent reason. Some say she's psychotic, and others say she's troubled. But either way, she is absolutely beautiful and she's very popular with guys.
Model: Cintia Dicker


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1. clemence felicia dellal
1. lucy jaqcúe frances (Definitely a tie between this and the first.)
3. kaleidoscope evon williams


This was actually my third choice to begin with. But then I thought of the most brilliant backstory for her. I need to point out, style-wise, I certainly envision long dresses, browns, and metallics. Due to the backstory I have in mind, I'm also going to be using a lot of furs and feathers. HOWEVER, I do need to make it clear, and will continue to make it clear on every set for this character, I do NOT condone the wearing of REAL fur and feathers. That being said...


Bum bum, bum bum, bum bum....

My heart is racing. I zip through the trees, dewy leaves brushing against my bare skin. The wind blows my knotted hair all around me. The fresh air is burning my lungs. The smell of beauty surround me. 

Bum bum, bum bum....

Freedom. This is what it feels like. My muscles ache. My lungs burn. My eyes tear up. 

Bum bum, bum bum, bum bum....

Mother, father, brother, sister, friend. All in one, one in many. Our spirits reach for the sky, and we reach it.

Bum bum, bum bum....

In my dreams this never ends....

"...ppened? Where did you go?"

I'm awaken by the annoying sounds emmanating from those two disgusting human beings. 

"Swear to me you won't tell anyone."

"Of course."

I stretch out on the tree branch. Rest my head on my arm. Looking down into the clearing, I listen intently. 

"No, seriously. You NEED to swear to me."

"I swear. I would never betray you. I swear a thousan times."

"The stables, okay. I had a little too much to drink."

When didn't these girls have too much to drink?


"It seemed logical to ride along the river. I went to the stables to get a horse."

Silence fills the air. ...What could be so awful? These girls have no boundaries. 

"He told me I was beautiful...I was drunk."

"Who? Seriously, what is so terrible..."

"Jack, okay."


"The fuc.king stable boy."

"You slept with the stable boy?"

"You can not tell a soul. This will ruin everything."

Oh....And it will. Silly girls. They should know better than to ever utter a secret from their lips. 

I watch the two run off in the direction of the bridge. When I know the coast is clear, I swing from the branch, land on my feet. 

Ruining her life should be fun. 


How does one spell out a heart beat? At first I was thinking boom boom. But then it made me think of the black eyed peas. Is bum bum adequate?
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Wrote 7 years ago
this is fabulous. great shoes...classic TMW. :)

Wrote 7 years ago

Wrote 7 years ago
Wow, I really love this layout. :)

Wrote 7 years ago
Lovely set(:


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