You Found Me- Kelly Clarkson

That's what I wore today :) The skirt used to be Cara's I do believe. My hair's curly and in a half-ponytail, but I have my bangs down and straightened. 

Anyways, today was pretty boring. We just had a lecture about some random french play/novel thing that I didn't read in French Lit. We had a ton of presentations to listen to in sociology. They were about various social ogranizations and things like that...nothing too, too interesting. AP Euro was yet again annoying, then again. what else is new? We had a chem was rediculously easy, which was good. In Fashion Marketing, we started a new chapter--Understanding Color. Blah, really odd. I'm fairly sure I've known what primary colors were since I was two. 

Anyways, dance went really well last night. I really did miss it :) I have my two hip hop classes tonight...not too excited for that, but I'm excited to see everyone again :) I love my dance girls.

Two days left in the school week!!!
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