[47/50] i wish to be in love, i wanna know what it feels like.

jusst about to leave for basketball.
got my overnight bag packed.
adidas sports bag packed.
&&my uniform on. :D

this set turned out REALLY messy. i started it like two days ago? then totally forgot about it, && finished it in a hurry, [bet you can tell which parts i did just now, bahaha] but oh well, im done criticizing my sets. hah. (:

survey type thing;

age: 14.
name: payton.
hair color: blonde, with dark highlights.
eye color: crystal blue.
height: 5'8.5
weight: umm? 115lbs. isshh i think?
birthday: september the 8th :D
middle name: haley.
favorite song: undo it ; carrie underwood.
favorite tv show; ANTM. Survivor. PLL. The Hills. The City.
favorite movie: Mean Girls.
favorite food: ice cream && twice baked potatoes.
favorite drink: vanilla chia tea, w/ a splash of milk.
favorite color: purple && gold.
favorite sport: soccer!
favorite store: nordstroms.
favorite clothing brand: juicy couture/a&f/chloe.
favorite shoe brand: ugg. coach. steve madden.
favorite bra/pantie store; VS/PINK.

have you ever puked?
uh yeah, ive been sick before.

well, yeah, when i wanna stay home & need a excuse, and... yaaaa.

have you ever starved yourself?
i've went on fast's. && seen how long i could go without eating?

on purpose?
did you read above..?

ever popped a pill?
advil. asthma emergency med's & overtheconter stuff. 

ever overdosed?
on advil. but like thats gonna do anything?

do you worry about your weight?
ALL the time. i hate triple digits, even if i am tall.

how much do you want to weigh?

how much of a difference is that?
about 20 lbs.

would you look sick like that?
i wouldnt be alive.
im almost 5'9 && play sports. id be deathly ill.

why do you wanna wiegh that much?
so i can be like her. 
small, & tiny. weightless. so guys could just fling me over there shoulder without breaking there back. & just its not fair watching her be like that./;

do you go to counseling?
i have to.

if so why?
reason's. you don't need to know.

end of surveyyyyy,♥ bahaha.
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