♥O1. Get a pair of old combat boots that you want to change up a little! 

♥O2. Fold The top of the boot over where you want the fabric to start showing. You can even mark ON THE INSIDE of the boot with a piece of sidewalk chalk or a matalic sharpie. You should to this about 2 inches down from the fold. 

♥O3. This is where it gets hard! There are Mini steps in this step! So this is the part where you actually do the hard stuff. You gotta get Fabric for this, scissors, measuring tape, a iron and a glue gun.
-Step 1. Measure from the spot where you marked on the inside of the boot to the top of the boot that you folded over. Add a half an inch. Mark that down on your fabric. Then, You measure around the boot that will be facing out at this point since you folded it. You need to measure from where the part that stops for the tongue to the opposite side. Add a half an Inch. Mark that on your fabric.

Step 2. Start cutting where you made your mark. If you think you'll have trouble, get a ruler once you've marked the basic lines and make dashes where you'll need extra guidance. 

Step 3. Once you've finished cutting it, you'll probably notice rough edges on the fabric that you wont want sticking out on the boot. That is why I said to add a half inch. You will need the glue gun and iron for this part. Fold each edge (that you cut) inward about a half inch or so and iron it so it stays. You may want to do one side at a time, and then iron. Between the folds you have just made, place a line of hot glue. Stick the fabric together. Repeat until all edges are finished. 

Step 4. Get out your glue gun again and leave a line of glue where you marked on the inside of your boot wayyy back on O2. so you can put the fabric in. Be careful not to burn your fingers here while you stick the fabric on to the line. Once you have done this, you can line the edge/perimeter of where the fabric is meeting the edge of the boot, and then make zig zags of glue all over the part where the fabric is sticking out. You should be done now, and have the piece of fabric Secured onto the boot. 

♥O4. You are done! Make sure you wait a little while before putting on the boot so the glue dries! Have fun! I hope this wasnt too hard to read.. sorry ahahahahha♥
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