500 days of Summer

Something very unexpected happened to me today that really tested whether I had fully recovered from the past months or not. So there I am in bed listening to the radio whilst reading the new book I got (Before I Fall, it's amazing) anyway so there I am, the middle of the day completely lost in this book when my notification light turns blue on my home. I pick it up and unlock it and straight away I see across the bar of my phone, 'Fuc*ing slag.' Just two words that could ruin a person and change them for good. My mind and heart panicked and I could hardly even stand up when the number appeared and straight away, it just clicked. It was him, the boy I dated for god knows how long and stopped in February. I lost all contact with him and only a few days ago did I recover from mild depression. What he wrote to me, didn't hurt. Why would that hurt me? I haven't seen him in months, he has no reason to call me that, and I'm not at all what he called me. I don't get it. The middle of the day on a random Sunday. I just don't get it. It's so random and pointless. I mean, that could have ruined my recovery but it didn't. I'm stronger than that and not once did I sink down to his level and text him back. I don't know, I didn't cry and to be honest when I showed my mum, I laughed. It's funny that he has nothing better to do that call me something I'm not. And the best thing? I can smile at it and know he won't be a part of my life ever again.

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Wrote three years ago
Who does he think he is to all you something like that! I am so proud of you for brushing it off and genuinely not caring that he did that because that is so strong of you. Some people have no idea how much just a few words can affect an entire life.


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